Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker Review: Affordable and Comfortable Running Pair

Xiaomi also produces shoes. Surprised? This is the talent of the omnidirectional company that tends to assist its fans with a range of quality consumer products at budget. Today, we have put the Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker under the scanner to expose its various specifications and other prospects in a detailed analysis. The pair is specially designed for males, but if you don’t bother about the colour, it can fit girls as well. Make sure to give the piece a full read until the end to know the hidden possibilities in the sole.

What industry segment will you attribute to the China-based tech giant Xiaomi? Venturing into the smart technology arena with the smartphones years back, Xiaomi is now having the presence in almost every corner of the tech and non-tech industry. About 80% of the products you used in your daily life are manufactured by Xiaomi or its subsidiaries.

Xiaomi Mijia Sneaker Review

After grasping smartphones, smartwatches, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, security systems and lots more, the brand is now ready to snatch the useful wearables segment as well. It also produces jackets, sneakers and other things to make your life easier and comfortable. At all, Xiaomi produces everything (smart and non-smart) that we need in our daily life.

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Today’s discussion is about the Xiaomi Mijia’s Sneaker for men, which are tagged with a quite reasonable price of $85.39 on the Banggood store. What are the features and specifications of the Mijia Retro Men Shoes? How is it a worthy option for enthusiasts? In the following section, we will target to answer these queries to help you find a better alternative all the way.

Xiaomi Mijia Retro Review: Full Features and Specifications in Detail

Before we approach further, let’s have a look at the unboxing. It is to note that you will receive the Xiaomi Retro sneakers without any box. Well, if you had ordered any shoes previously from China, then most probably you know that cardboard box is not a great solution to transport the shoes. Hence, Mijia follows the same ideology and ships the pair in a protective bubble bag.

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In the bag, you will get sneakers, along with the instruction guide, in a safe condition without any unpleasant happening. You can remove the bag and put the shoes on wear immediately. Let’s push the dwell further with the design and build.

Design and Construction

First off, how the Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker looks like? As depicted above, the Xiaomi shoes give a glimpse of the 90s style. It provides three colour alternatives: Grey + White, Grey + Black and Brown. The pair comes in a nicely assembled design with an ergonomic outlook for a better wearing experience.

Best Mijia Retro sneaker

Furthermore, wearing sneakers is a quite comfortable and pleasant feeling. It is great to play sports in them on any ground. When it comes to the material’s quality, you will have no question on it. The sneakers are develop and sewn of solid materials. The vamp is execute by the seamless knitting technology of stereoscopic molding.

The upper side uses the pig leather plus sandwich mesh, whereas the sole is made of EVA. The thickened sponge provides breathable insoleSoft bullet light and sweat. Ultimately, it allows users to wash the pair in the direct water to be more convenient. On the back and top front, you will see the Mijia brand logo. All the joints and stitching are no worse than that of other premium brands like Nike, Adidas etc. Only the price figure is symbolic.

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Though outside portion uses the pig leather plus sandwich fabric, the laces are built of wax via manual sewing. This fabulous fabric combination ensures good air permeability so that legs will not sweat during jogging or gym exercise. Another pivotal attribute of the Xiaomi Mijia Retro men shoe pair is water-repellent and wear-resistant properties. Therefore, wearers will enjoy a good time as the pair will not get wet in the rain.

Wearing Experience

How is the wearing experience of the Mijia Retro Men’s Sneaker? Undoubtedly, the shoe pair is designed in a way to avail the maximum excitement in each size category. The sole is stationed well by experts to reinterpret the 1990s design and visuality.

Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker Design

Likewise, the bottom side sole consists of four layers for specific purposes: TPU Balance Sheet, EVA Balance Sheet, Midsole and Outsole. One of them is a well-absorbing foam to offer you a comfortable and smoother running. The rest of the layers are built of ETPU material. And this convergence offers a great feeling and dampens vibration on wearing the shoes.

The outsole is of non-slip texture to keep you safer on the slippery surfaces. It provides a firm grip on the platform to let you force your potential to the depth to obtain desired results on the playing field. The one crucial thing you must bear in mind that the Retro Sneaker is not an ideal solution for winters, especially for autumn or spring. The reason is the mesh fabric that let the cold air come in.

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What about wearing experience in the sports field? Well, the Xiaomi Mijia shoes are comfortable while playing sports. They are soft and spongy to make your running a pleasant experience. On the contrary, you should run the distances only up to 5 KM, and beyond this, you will feel fatigued and discomfort. Each shoe weighs 375g separately to deliver good running approach for short distances.

Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker

Bottom Line

Concluding the Xiaomi Mijia Retro Sneaker review, the pair seems convenient and comfortable for both regular walking and running. One can be advised to go for the sneakers, given its lower price tag. The high-quality build material offers magnificent potential to meet your daily wearing needs.

Undauntedly, the Xiaomi Mijia sneakers are universal and designed more for urban use. Given the overall performance and style, the Xiaomi sneakers will remain a worthy choice for men. Females may also find the pair convincing if they don’t question on the colour.

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