Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch SYB01 Review: An Analog smartwatch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 is a smart watch by Xiaomi. It adopts a classical design with three colour choices to give you a comfortable hand feeling. Further, the Mijia SY01 Quartz Smart Watch looks stylish mechanical watch to be wearable on all occasions.

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Smartwatch industry is also gaining potential with newly developed advanced technologies. Accordingly, we quite often come across elegant designs and qualities, which seems unmatched in all ways.

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Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch

Xiaomi took charge to propel the industry with new inceptions to lead the counterparts. It quickly hits the market with smart devices launch. Mijia SY01 Quartz watch is a bead in the queue. It adopts unique technical features in all sections.

The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 comes with a dual-dial screen instead of an electronic dial like Mi Band 4 etc. The main dial shows us the time and the small dial is in the bottom half. It shows the step counts recorded by the Pedometer technology.

On the side, the Mijia SY01 Quartz Watch has a dedicated button to put the watch on the pairing mode. Users can do it by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds until the watch vibrates and the button will start rotating.

Moreover, the company has done an appreciable job with regard to the power supply and material used. It equips the Mijia SY01 Quartz with a 270 mAh CR2430 battery to run for 6 months.

Along with waterproof technology, Bluetooth, OTA firmware updates, and multiple inbuilt sensors, the Mijia SY01 Quartz Smart Watch looks attractive machine to purchase at genuine prices.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01: Features and Specifications

Chinese manufacturers have developed a monopoly in almost all segments of the industry. They are leading in smartphone, electric scooters, vacuum cleaners, smartwatches, and various among other categories.

Now, the tech giant Xiaomi has come up with their another smart analog watch. In this part, we will take on the review of its features. By going through each characteristic, we will try to explore its hidden capabilities and weaknesses to finalize the buying decision.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch

Colour and Design

As always, Xiaomi has created an ergonomic design for the Mijia SY01 Quartz Smart Watch. It comes in three colour choices – Grey, Black, and White.

Moreover, with a pure leather strap, the watch provides a smooth touch feeling and firm grip. The front is loaded with a dual-dial machine of 40mm. The small dial is inside the big one, which shows step counts with the help of the pedometer sensor.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch

Similarly, the straps are made of pure Italian leather, which provides a premium look and feel. You can adjust its length with 10 holes to be released in quick time.

Coming to the physical structure, it has the dimensions of 240x40x11.9mm along with the weight of 42g. Further, the tempered coated glass protects the watch in collaboration with waterproof technology.

To put the Mijia SY01 Quartz Watch in pairing mode, there is a dedicated button on the side. Press and hold this button for approx. 5 seconds. The watch will vibrate and the button will start rotating.


The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 carries an analog display of 40mm. It includes a double dial approach to serve users with more assistance. The main dial shows the time and the insider dial presents step counts using a pedometer.

Usually, the smartwatches or simple watches come with a single dial representing time, date, and month etc. But Xiaomi has made extra efforts to embrace it with smart technologies to yield productive.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch

Similarly, the disapply is further protected by the tempered coated glass and waterproof facility. Although you cannot use it in rain or swimming, it is operational in light water touch.

The dial case uses stainless steel and available in 3 colours. Therefore, you can go for your choice and adapt it to wear it on multiple occasions.


It is yet another important quality you want to have on your wristwatch. Sometimes, we have to appear in overcast weather conditions. The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 uses a 3ATM waterproof technology, which is durable to go for long life.

The waterproof technology is not as powerful as one can use it while swimming. It doesn’t allow you to use it in heavy rain. Accordingly, you can consider this thing if you are purchasing it for sports, especially for swimming.

The 3ATM waterproof rating allows you to set daily sweat aside and use it worry-free in some basic sports activities like running, jogging, rope skipping etc.

Multiple Sensors

Like other smartwatches and wristbands, the Mijia SY01 Quartz Smart Watch also contains various sensors for smart work.

First of all, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 is connectable with your Android/IOS smartphone. It will allow you to manage many of your mobile functions on your wrist.

As the watch is compatible with Android 4.4 or above and IOS 7.0 or above. Install Xiaomi Mi Home App on your smartphone and start synchronizing your mobile data with the watch.

The Mijia SY01 Quartz will indicate you the incoming call on your phone by vibrating. It supports only 10 contacts to do so. Further, it has an interval and alarm reminder with the vibration control button. You can manage up to 10 alarms on it.

Moving further, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 has a pedometer to count your steps. The real-time data will also be casted on your phone screen.

The vibration strength of the Mijia SY01 is moderate and weaker than the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Another important feature is that the watch can receive the auto-calibration of the time zone. You are able to access the time of multiple international countries.


No doubt, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 will use a replaceable battery. To cater to the power requirements, the smart watch contains a 270 mAh battery. It is of CR2430 type, which can stand by you for around 6 months in a single replace.

Nowadays, every smartwatch or bracelet comes and configures a battery cell. In this case, the battery is providing the users with considerable time to change the battery. Further, it is also easy to change it. You can do it yourself or can approach to a nearby store to get it to replace.

Dual-Dial and Leather Strap

We quite often come across smartwatches with a single dial screen. All of the functionalities are performed on the same surface. But the Xiaomi efforts to serve its users with something extra.

The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 includes a double dial design to get double solution at a time. Further, it keeps on the German industrial design with a 3.2 mm thinnest dial in double shape. The main dial carries the small one inside, which is clear to see and access.

Obviously, the large dial will tell us the time, but the small dial will present the data about the progress of the moment, the steps we take etc. It adopts a pedometer technology to perform these tasks successfully.

Similarly, densely-structured brass is used to maximise the dial display. The ultra-narrow bezel creates a perfect look, which is more attractive to the eyes.

On the other hand, the Mijia SY01 Quartz Smart Watch is developed with the Italian cowhide leather straps on both sides. Further, it has selected manual raw material processing technology to shape out the equipment.

With a quick release ear, you can change the straps to your favourite colour easily. Hence, it provides good endurance along with a beautiful leather strap and double dial approach.

Different Time Zones

Like Xiaomi has a massive user-base from across the globe. Similarly, it enables its products to be universally accepted.

Accordingly, in the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01, you will get multiple time zones in the same display. As the watch supports Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone, it can synchronize internet time when connected.

Therefore, users can access the time and date of different countries and cities like London, Beijing, New York, Delhi etc. It is no need to do it manually as well. You can switch to any of the time zones very easily. Users can travel in different time zones without worrying about changing the time zone. It is just a one-click switching process to give you an accurate time anytime anywhere.

Interval Reminder

During your exercise sessions or working periods, you need to take short intervals in-between. How to remind this interval time is quite a challenging task.

But with the Mijia SY01 Quartz, you can do it smartly with the help of inbuilt interval reminder technique.

The watch allowed you to set interval reminders on your preferred points of time. The watch will alert you with vibration. It will ultimately increase your work and fitness performance to increase productivity.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch SYB01 has alarm reminder, VIP call reminder (you can set 10 contacts for call reminder), multiple languages, and Mi Home app support.


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