Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer – Official launch at 499 yuan (~$73)

The Chinese technology giant recently presented a very interesting printer called Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer. Maybe you have already heard the name, but this is an improved version of the previous one. It is compact in size and can print on photo paper so you can print photos from your smartphone directly. What makes it more attractive is that it has a low price of 499 yuan, which at the change would be around $73 or €63.

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Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer: A great low-cost printer

As we already mentioned, this is not the first time that we can see a Xiaomi photo printer. Last year we met the AR Xprint printer. However, the new device is designed for its use with the smartphone. Lei Jun said during an event that the printer can print photos with perfect quality. The maximum print size is 6 inches while we will have up to 256 different colors in our prints. The maximum print resolution is 300 DPI.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer Official launch

To avoid photos fade and to increase protection, the printer automatically covers the photos with a protective layer. In this way, the photos will better withstand scratching and weather deterioration. In addition, it provides protection against fingerprints and partially against water splashes. The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer also supports WeChat. The printer can also be connected to a computer, but the best way to access the main functions is through a mobile application.

Of course, it can connect wirelessly via AirPrint wireless printing (with WiFi) to connect to iOS or Android devices, and you can also connect to a network for friend/partner impressions. We do not know when it will go on sale, but the printer will be sold first in China, and eventually, it should be extended to other countries.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer Official Launch

In addition to the Mijia Photo Printer, 40 printing papers and ink cartridges will be included in the box. As soon as it runs out, you can buy packages of photo papers and cartridges at 59 yuan.

Source – Gizmochina

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