Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera (International Version) For $94.99

Xiaomi has released some amazing products over the past few years. Its cameras are considered to be one of the best in the industry and most of its products are cheap enough considering its qualities. The Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera is an amazing camera with specifications that perfectly justifies its price. Let’s find out why every action image lover needs this sports camera.

Xiaomi mini 4K action camera Xiaomi sports camera

Xiaomi Mini 4K Action Camera – Designed With Huge Battery

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera molds from a plastic material with a stylish design. This action camera comes in the traditional rectangular design and has a very smooth feel but not too smooth to slip of the hand. It comes in black color with dotted design on the sides. Like most Xiaomi’s cameras, the power button is on top while other buttons/ports are placed at the bottom and sides of the device. It is very portable with dimensions of 7.15 x 4.27 x 2.95 cm and it weighs 99 grams.

Hardware & Performance

The Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera comes with an Ambarella A12S75 which supports H.64 video shooting at 4K/30fps. This chip is a high performing, cost effective and power saving chip which easily adapts to high-speed sensors thus the Xiaomi mini sports camera is excellent in still image capturing and video streaming capacity. This camera is intelligent enough to keep the videos and photos smooth and in high-definition.

Xiaomi mini 4K action camera Xiaomi sports camera

The Xiaomi mini sports camera ships with a six-axis EIS 7 glass lens for distortion correction and 145-degree ultra wide visual angle.The 7 layers of all glass lens increase light intake and filters out stray light thereby providing stunning clarity and less deformed images even in low light conditions. All multimedia can be stored as this camera support external TF card up to 64GB. 

Display & Functions

The Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera sports a 2.4-inch display screen with 960 x 480 resolution which allows you to view real-time HD pictures and videos. The 2.4-inch touchscreen allows you to seamlessly access the functions of the camera efficiently. Also, the spot metering keeps a proper exposure of the whole image like a smartphone and provides many advanced images for professionals. This camera is well suited for action video shooting as you can conveniently shoot slow-motion videos. Its varied video shooting mode enables you to enjoy your world in slow motion or time lapse and you will not need any editing to create your own slow-motion or time-lapse video.

Xiaomi mini 4K action camera Xiaomi sports camera

The Xiaomi mini sports camera video/image quality is further boosted with its 8.3-megapixel camera with a 3840 × 2160 resolution. This means that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to create a professional masterpiece with this tiny handy camera. In addition, Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera comes with a built-in gyroscope which keeps the view level to the horizon which ensures that there is no distortion of footage when there is upward and downward motion.

Connectivity & Battery

The Xiaomi MIJIA Mini 4K Action Camera uses an Image transmission and remote control WiFi function. This device comes with a removable 1450mAh battery with two hours working time and four hours standby time. It can be charged using an AC adapter.

The Selling Points

  • 4K 30fps Action Cameras
  • Shoots Slow Motion Videos
  • Good Battery Life
  • Affordable

The Down Points

  • No Waterproof Function

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mini 4K Action Camera

The Xiaomi mini sports camera is currently on presale at Gearbest for $94.99.   Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE


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