Xiaomi Mijia Loock: A smart lock for the protection of your home

Xiaomi is a company recognized worldwide for its great dedication to the design, development and sale of smartphones, applications and many more electronic products, which are sold in its MI stores in some countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America, which also They are sold on the official website. This company is also recognized worldwide for obtaining incredible records, such as having the most popular phones in China as a competitive product and cheaper than its competitors. Xiaomi has also managed to stand out in different areas of technology, from computers to different devices such as televisions, tablets, portable batteries, headphones and even its own operating system called MIUI. This time they launched another smart gadget for home from the hand of Mijia. The product is the Xiaomi Mijia Loock, a smart door lock for the safety of your loved ones.

Xiaomi Mijia Loock: Types of unlocking

With the Xiaomi Mijia Loock, you can achieve four different types of unlocking methods: using the fingerprint reader, through your smartphone connected via Bluetooth, a numeric password or a physical key. Its main unlocking service is through the recognition of fingerprints and its great ability to avoid breakages.

Xiaomi Mijia Loock

Xiaomi Mijia Loock: Design

The handle is manufactured with a unique molding technology, without seams, which allows it to withstand up to 100,000 times the pressure tests and, in addition, has a guarantee of up to 10 years. In the head, you can see the fingerprint reader, as well as the cover of the handle and the base of it, which gives it a greater aesthetic appeal and does not allow the presence of fingerprint smudges when the Xiaomi Mijia Loock is frequently used.

Xiaomi Mijia Loock

Regarding the technology used for fingerprint recognition, the door lock uses a fingerprint chip in which the internal data is stored in a safe and independent area. The Xiaomi Mijia Loock has a great capacity for learning because it learns to recognize better through frequent use, improving through experience. The lock also works excellently under the effects of extremely high or low temperatures, starting from -25 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius.

Xiaomi Mijia Loock

Xiaomi Mijia Loock: What happens if someone tries to damage the lock?

It has an alarm system that activates if someone tries to alter the bolt of the door with a lever, or entering the wrong fingerprint up to 15 times. It will also send a message to your smartphone stating that the unlocking was not successful. At the same time, you can open or close the Xiaomi Mijia Loock while outside your home, convenient if there are elderly people or children in the house.

Xiaomi Mijia Loock

The Xiaomi Mijia Loock has a section in which you can configure what happens in the house after closing the door, such as turning off the lights automatically throughout the house. This depends on the devices you have in your “smart home” because this lock can interact with the many elements of the Xiaomi ecosystem, such as Aqara products.

The Xiaomi Mijia Loock: Availability and price

If we have aroused your interest with the Xiaomi Mijia Loock and you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? Well, we have excellent news for you, because is available for purchase in the online store of Banggood, and it is available for a price of $333.33. To make your shopping experience faster, we will provide you below with the link that will take you directly to the product.

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