Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: An elegant backpack with affordable price

The image of a person says a lot about him/her, which is why we have become ambitious regarding the issue of fashion, always looking to stand out from the rest, this is how technology companies have also been interested in the subject, offering clothing and footwear as the Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90, shoes that will allow us to stand out wherever we go, which go hand in hand with quality accessories that are a complement to highlight our tastes and put a personal stamp on what we wear, such as the new release of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag (Xiaomi 90 Fun bag), an elegant backpack that will undoubtedly give a modern touch to our outfit. Join us to know all its attributes in the following entry.

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Package Content

The Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag (Xiaomi 90 Fun backpack) comes in a package with a simplistic design that has a size according to the product, fulfilling the following dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm and weighing 1.5kg, while in the Inside we will find the following:

1x Xiaomi Mijia leather bag and nothing else

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

The Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag (Xiaomi 90 Fun backpack) features a refined design with minimalist touches that can adapt to any occasion. Its wonderful image matches the outfits we wear, being quite versatile and useful to carry with us what we need. Mainly, at the time of acquiring an article of this nature what attracts us are its colors, in this case, it features a black tone that gives it a sober aspect.

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

In order for this bag to have an extraordinary design, it has a structure made of genuine cowhide leather of high quality, for the material of the fabric, it is covered by a very resistant polyester element that gives body to the backpack.

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

It is a very modern accessory that not only gives us an internal and external quality design but also provides us with multiple storage spaces to transport laptops, cell phones, beauty items, clothes or anything that we require at the moment. In detail, it presents a double-purpose compartment on its front and sides, likewise a YKK metal zipper is on the upper part accompanied by a logo, which refers to the name of the Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag (Xiaomi 90 Fun backpack).

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

Apart from all this, it offers us the following dimensions: 350 × 160 x400mm with a weight of 1.12kg and also has a capacity of 18L.

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

We are facing a strong and durable design, being a dust and water proof product, ideal to protect the inside of it, its diversity in pockets allow to transport any amount of things you want to carry with you. It also has a fabric to separate these pockets, which prevents scratches or disorganization when it comes to storing what we need, finding up to 5 compartments, in which fits a 15-inch laptop and all kinds of items such as notebooks, documents, among others.

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Design and Features

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Specs

Basic information
Brand: Xiaomi Mijia
Model: Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag
Kind: Backpack
Materials: Fabric: Genuine cowhide leather Body, coating: Polyester
Colors: Black
Volume (Capacity): 18L
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions of the package:  20 x 20 x 20cm
Package weight:  1.5kg
Dimensions of the product: 350 × 160 x400mm
Product weight: 1.12k
Includes: 1x Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag

Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag: Where to buy it?

What is the price of the Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag and where can I buy it? We invite you to the Aliexpress and Gearbest online store where you will find it available for a small price of $26.6 (€22.93). In this way, we urge you not to wait any longer and get the multifunctional bag as soon as possible. To make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we will leave you the direct link to the product page.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag on Gearbest

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Leather Bag on Aliexpress

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