Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector English Version offered for $1719.99

Xiaomi started its projectors line of series way back in June 2017 and sold millions of copies due to its high-quality products and inexpensive price segment. To be exact the first projector from Xiaomi company raked in sales of 10 million yuan just 2 hours after it went on its first sale. Until now xiaomi projectors were able to provide an FHD resolution, but things are going to drastically change with the unveiling of the latest projector from Xioami. Continuing their tradition of trendsetting gadgets Xiaomi has recently launched its fourth generation of smart projector the Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector. The latest projector comes with an affordable price tag and has the ability to provide a higher 4K resolution.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

Regarding the design, the Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector gets its design from the most successful xiaomi projector which was launched last year. However, the old model comes with a white color scheme while the new MIJIA Laser Projector arrives in a dark gray color. Most of the specification are also pretty similar to the old model. The latest Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector comes with a 0.233:1 considerable depth of field and also has an ultra-short focal lens design. Some of the most significant changes device has received includes its portability. It does not occupy too much indoor space and can use the wall as a screen for the projector.

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Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

The latest Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector has solved some of the major problems involving projectors. The first one is its design which eliminates the cumbersome problem of wires scattered everywhere. Moreover, for getting a 150-inch screen projection, you only need to place the projector 49cm away from the wall. For getting a 120-inch screen, the distance reduces to 34cm. A 100-inch screen needs a distance of 24cm and an 80-inch screen, a 14cm distance. Also, a lot of users have a problem with manually focusing projector. However with Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector, you will not have to worry about that as the device comes with auto fine tuning of images.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

The Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector also comes with a product life up to 25,000 hours. It means you can use the device for up to 17 years if you use the projector daily for four hours indicating the laser projector is ultra-durable and long-lasting. Coming to the picture quality this time Xiaomi has equipped its projector with advanced laser fluorescence display technology (ALPD 3.0). Which ensures whatever you see is a feast to the eyes. ALPD 3.0 provides a red light ratio of 16% to 18%, wide color gamut, color quality, with contrast comparable to the laser studio 3000: 1 screen contrast. Also, the brightness of 5000 Lumens matches the theatre screen level for the best experience. The projector also diffuses its direct light source, allowing for more eye protection.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector

Overall the Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector can provide you theatre-level audio-visuals experience in the comfort of the sitting room. Xiaomi has not left any stone unturned to present you the best projector of this generation. The projector also comes with its own remote control which supports the Xiaomi universal remote control app. This means that you can also use Xiaomi universal smart remote to control other xiaomi ecosystem devices.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector?

The latest Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector is available on gearbest for just


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