Xiaomi Mijia Laser 4K Projector 150 Inch TV: For Just $1829.99

This is the world’s first ultra-short Xiaomi Mijia Laser 4K Projector TV with advanced laser display ( ALPD ) technology, which delivers up to 150 inches of 4K quality images in 50 centimeters. With product life up to 25,000 hours. And carefully maintained the host and Bluetooth remote control design style consistency. In any corner of the room control the host, voice assistant quickly find programs. And other interactive ways for the user to bring a new movie viewing experience.

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The MIJIA Laser Projector 4K bears a similar design to the Mijia Laser Projector that was launched last year but that model comes with a white color scheme. And the new MIJIA Laser Projector is dark gray. The rest of the specifications are mostly similar. The Mijia Laser Projector comes with a 0.233:1 large depth of field and has an ultra-short focal lens design.

The projector screen can be placed in the TV cabinet with the size adjusted to fit in. The wall can also be used as the screen and so, it does not occupy too much indoor space. The design also eliminates the cumbersome problem of wires scattered everywhere. The Laser projector itself only needs to be placed 49cm away from the wall in order to deliver a 150-inch screen projection. For a 120-inch screen, the distance reduces to 34cm.


Xiaomi claims the laser light inside the projector has a shelve life of 25,0000 hours. That translates to up to 17 years usage if the projector is used for 4hours daily, meaning the laser is ultra-durable and long-lasting. Picture quality is assured as a result of the use of advanced laser fluorescence display technology (ALPD 3.0). With contrast comparable to the laser studio 3000:1 screen contrast. The light source brightness can reach up to 1500 lumens which are of theatre screen level. The projector also diffuses its direct light source, allowing for more eye protection.


In addition, the Mijia Laser projector is capable of providing theatre-level audio-visuals right in the comfort of the sitting room. It also comes built-in with all the content available on the MIUI TV. The device equally has its own remote control which supports the Xiaomi universal remote control app. That means the Xiaomi universal smart remote can be used to operate the sophisticated device.

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