Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for just $32.99[Flash Sale]

The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the must-have blood pressure gauge everyone should have in their homes. The device is a very compact, user-friendly and easy-to-use gadget that can store all the family members’ data and only one nuance that needs attention – it won’t be great for big people.

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L is a modern blood pressure monitor that can record and save blood pressure measurements on your smartphone. It is available in two versions supporting Bluetooth 4.0, and another one with a connection through a micro USB port. Apparently, the Bluetooth 4.0 version is the most popular and the most common among the two.

Automatically connect with phone, no extra connection or setup required, easy to use

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

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In detail the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L with Bluetooth 4.0.

The device arrives in a nice package orderly and intact. You will get a white box with iHealth inscription, where you will also find a white cable with a micro USB connection. The micro USB cable can to charge its massive 2200 mAh battery. The iHealth meter is portable, quite small and lightweight: 11.5 x 11.5 x 6.65 cm; 361 g.

The front of the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L connects with the smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. In a different model, you have to make a connection using the micro USB connector at the front of the meter. The charging panel of the device is available in the back of the meter to charge the iHealth battery, and there is a connector on the side of the device to connect the blood pressure monitor sleeve (cuff).

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

Upgraded PCB, accurate measurement, stable and reliable

The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L also comes with a cuff for measuring the Blood Pressure. The only thing you need to do is connect the cuff with the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L Smart Blood Pressure Monitor.

One thing that is must to notice is the simplicity of use of the device. Just place the cuff on the arm, filled with air, it swells and fits firmly on the arm and starts measuring arterial blood pressure. It measures the so-called upper (systolic) and lower (diastolic) blood pressure and shows the pulse rate on your smartphone.

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

This Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L blood pressure monitor store and displays all the record on your smartphone. The only thing you need to do is download the iHealth gadget, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. In the App, you can also create personal accounts that require you to specify your weight, height, and date of birth. All the record will be stored in this gadget and can be monitored consistently for blood pressure changes.

The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L comes with a unique table of parameters that allow us to orient ourselves as measured by our metrics compared to the overall population. You can also register whether you are using any medication.

Universal Micro USB charging port, no fear of losing charging cable

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

How to perform blood pressure measurement, accuracy of its results and final verdict

The process of utilization is very simple. As stated earlier all you have to do is put a cuff, click “start measurement” in the gadget, automatically turn on Bluetooth, choose your personal account and everything – blood pressure and pulse measurement starts.

The results are generally displayed within minutes and they are presented clearly and can be compared immediately with the overall population average. The data is stored in the smartphone & gadget.

Universal Micro USB charging port, no fear of losing charging cable

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

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For checking the accuracy of the device we also measured blood pressure with a normal blood pressure monitor that my parents had, and the results were about 2-3 mmHg. Such a comparison is relatively conditional, as it is unclear how accurate the meter the parent has, but with a slight difference that they both have very similar accuracy.

“We think that every family should have this Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L in their home”.The monitor is very convenient and all the data get store on your phone and you can have several different accounts (so one phone can store all the family members’ data).

Automatically broadcast measurement results, thoughtful design for the elderly

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L

The accuracy of the data for other similar devices is about 1-3 mmHg, so Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L does not stand out and measure it in this respect. It works well and connects via Bluetooth.

A healthy gift for parents

With everything in mind, there is one important thing you have to keep in mind. If you have large biceps, then the length of the cuff may not be enough. Officially, it is up to 30 centimetres in size, but we use the device on a person having biceps volume 41cm and It was enough. You can easily use it upto 45 cm, this cuff really will suffice, but if you have bigger hands then its length will be small.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L Smart Blood Pressure Monitor?

The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth BP3L Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is available on Gearbest for just $32.99.


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