Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: An attractive and comfortable footwear for any occasion

The technological market has been growing, but other areas have stood out alongside it, such as fashion, in which many companies have ventured successfully, offering clothing, accessories and even attractive shoes to users, as an example we have the Xiaomi Uleemark, shoes that match both sports and casual outfits, that’s how following this trend, the new Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 arrive, a different shoes that will allow us to stand out wherever we go. For that reason, we invite you to stay with us to learn more about this fabulous shoes.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Package Content

The Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 come in a box similar to the rest, where the name of the company and model of the shoes can be seen on its front face. It is a light package that meets the following dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm and has a weight of 1kg. While inside you will find:

  • 1x Footwear: Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Design

The Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 have a design that combines well-being with a casual style quite attractive, able to fit any occasion, looking comfortable but presentable simultaneously. If the activity of the day is to go jogging, share with friends or simply fulfill other obligations, this footwear will be our faithful companion, due to its ergonomic structure while still having subtle touches that make it a cool garment for all casual or fitness outfit.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Design

The most important when choosing shoes, is the comfort, ensuring fluid movements and avoiding any bad slip that could cause injuries, also, that guarantee protection to our feet from dust, water or any particle that may cause discomfort, therefore, this footwear meets all these requirements, mainly having a surface made using the technology of seamless fabric with high rebound stereoscopic molding, being of only 1 stitching, decreasing the thickness.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Design

We can mention that the surface is made of pig leather + synthetic leather, a combination that offers a pleasant sensation, apart from preventing the entry of water vapor, so that our feet will always remain fresh.

As for its bottom or sole, the shoes have a non-slip pattern to prevent impacts or trauma, in addition to providing internal stability for a better posture of the foot and therefore, the body, making it possible to walk, dance or go out to run without difficulties, for this reason, its manufacture comes from the hand of first-class materials such as an EVA rubber midsole + soft rubber cushion, which as we explained, will make our steps subtle.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Design

Once we get comfortable shoes, we focus on its attractiveness, in such a way, that it generates a modern and fashionable image, which makes us stand out from the rest, although it must also match our clothes, that is why this footwear has 4 extremely striking versions to give us that touch that combines the casual with the elegant, appearing in Khaki, red, gray and black to suit the user.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Design

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Sizes

The Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 not only have an eye-catching design, in addition to being comfortable to use, but are also designed for everyone, from the smallest to the most adult in the family, being fully adjustable to our size, since without that we will not be able to carry out different activities and enjoy them for hours. Therefore, today we explain how to choose your size:

    1. Measure the length of your feet following the instructions in the image below.


    1. Check our size chart to see which size matches the length of your feet.


    1. If one of your feet is larger or longer than the other, you should choose the size that matches your largest foot.


    1. If your instep or foot type is larger than normal, we recommend that you buy a larger size.


  1. Note that deviation can occur if you use an incorrect measurement method.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Sizes

To end with this concern, we have decided to annex the table of sizes, which range from 39 to 45 in European measure and from 6.5 to 11 in the United States, also, we will present their respective equivalences.

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Sizes

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Specification Table

Brand: Xiaomi
Kind: Sports shoes, casual
Colors: Khaki, red, gray and black
  • Sole: EVA rubber midsole + soft rubber cushion
  • Body and braids: Pig leather + synthetic leather
  • 39 – 45 EU
  • 6.5 – 11 USA
  • 6- 10 EK
  • 245- 275 CHN
Dimensions and package weight:
  • D: 20 x 20 x 20cm
  • P: 1.0kg
  • 1x Calzado: Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90

Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can purchase the Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 in the Gearbest and Aliexpress online store for a price of €62.53 ($71.06), for that reason, if you want to enjoy this beauty do not think it twice.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 on Gearbest

Buy Xiaomi Mijia FREETIE90 on Aliexpress

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