Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi, a One-Handed Gamepad For IOS and Android

Gamepads, this type of device has become popular among users who love  video games, such as  GameSir T2a, a team that ensures a pleasant user experience, but this time we will focus our attention on the attributes of the new release of Xiaomi and the protagonist of this entry, the Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi, an attractive Gamepad that aims to guarantee hours of fun from our Smartphone, so we invite you to stay with us to discover the surprises that it offers us.

The Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi presents a very interesting aspect, which was called a wasp because it has a combination of colors between black and yellow.  It’s construction materials that allow an attractive and innovative design. This equipment consists of a single piece, which is half a handle, suitable to fit the Smartphone and that it is suspended, therefore offers a space to adapt to different sizes of mobile phones up to 3.34 inches width (8.5 cm).

As for its construction, a variety of materials were selected that will allow an effective user experience, we refer to a combination of soft silicone for buttons and graphene for the body of the gamepad, the latter generates a protective barrier to dissipate heat better that could be generated during the game sessions.

In its main face we appreciate 4 buttons of games, where the joystick and the button of operation are ultra sensitive generating greater sliding, also it allows so much a better precision as flexibility when aiming and running, together with it in the part superior are the triggers  LB and LT.

Finally, the specialty of this design lies in the patented  CapAir Mapping technology of Flydigi, which is a system that is responsible for imitating the movement of the hand to the touch and then send a command signal without the need for Bluetooth.

The Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi in addition to offering premium materials and first-class technology also proposes a series of fundamental functions to give life to our device, among which are:


If we are going to acquire an article it is important that we enjoy a diversity of connections that guarantee us that we can enjoy it on any device without limitations. As mentioned previously, this equipment consists of 2 versions, first of all we have the Wasp-N compatible with: iPhone6 / iPhone6 plus / iPhone7 / iPhone 7 plus / iphone8 / iphone8 plus and secondly the Wasp-X compatible with: iPhone X / iPhoneXS / iPhone XS MAX. As for the range of games is combined with all that are available in the App Store, including the popular Fortnite and PUBG.


Once we start we do not want to stop and the responsibility for that is possible is the battery of our device. Its capacity is  300 mAh and it ensures 15 hours of entertainment without interruptions.

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi on Banggood, Geekbuying, and Gearbest for the price of  $49.99 for that reason, if you want to enjoy this beauty, do not delay in acquiring it. Then we will leave the purchase links in case you are interested in this incredible device:

BanggoodBuy Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi For iPhone For $49.99

BanggoodBuy Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi For Android For $69.99

GeekbuyingBuy Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi For iPhone For $55.99

GeekbuyingBuy Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi For Android For $54.99

GearbestBuy Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi For iPhone For $66.14

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