Buy Xiaomi Mijia Eye-Protection LED Desk Lamp: For Just $89.99

Xiaomi Mijia Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp is Simple But Not Easy The new Mi lamp comes with four lighting modes for different needs: Focus mode, read mode, PC mode, and kid mode. Further, you can set the temperature and brightness of the lamp via the connected Mi smart home App. This is definitely handy for all your lighting needs.

Buy Xiaomi Mija Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp For $89.99


As for the design, the Xiaomi Mija Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp has a very minimalistic design. You get a super thin stand and a thin tube, so it should be easy to place it anywhere you want without taking a lot of space. beautiful and minimalist design in white or black, but it is still a bedside lamp. It has a base for E27 universal bushing and on / off switch on the cable.

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In focus mode, users can set up a “focus time” and “rest period”, each completed a “focus time” lamp, the lamp will remind the users to take a rest via “breathing light”, which helps users improve work efficiency, reduce eye fatigue. Read mode Mi smart LED lamp provides users with a more neutral color temperature (4000K) and 100pct brightness, which improves readers’ attention as well as prolong reading time without tiring. PC mode Blue light from computers can be damaging to your eyes.

2700K color temperature pleasant light is designed to reduce the proportion of blue light when using computers, protecting users eyes. Kid mode Since the eyes of children haven’t developed completely and can be easily hurt, Mi Smart LED lamp, designed for children, has passed the Biosafety certified to meet the latest safety standards, silently protect the children from damaging eyesight.

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Where To Buy

Xiaomi Mija Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp is now Available on Gearbest For Just at $89.99, if you want to buy a Xiaomi Mija Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp you can follow the below link:

Buy Xiaomi Mija Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp For $89.99


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