Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: your best choice when listening to music

Due to the new technological advances, several innovative designs of great elegance have been presented, but they lack that strength and unique essence that the classic devices have demonstrated, with that present, Xiaomi, the famous manufacturer of smartphones and IoT, presents us an interesting concept, mixing an old style with new technologies, the Asian company has ventured into this field previously, implemented in other articles in an incredible way a fusion of the current and the retro. An example of this mix is the Xiaomi LoFree Poison Wireless Speaker, a powerful speaker with an old style and with the ability to connect it to our phone. Now, Xiaomi presents a radio in a retro style called Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio, which has an appearance that dates back to the days of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Package Content

The Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio comes in a white packaging with a simple design whose function is to keep our gadget safe when transporting it, it complies with the following dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm (length x width x height) and has a weight of 0.6kg, within it, we will find the following:

  • 1x Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User’s manual

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Design

The Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio was designed to evoke that essence of the personality of the 60s that fills us with euphoria for its great style, which denotes character at the same time as elegance, on the other hand, has a moon white color that covers most of the body, also has polished copper color finishes that allows us to appreciate the beauty of its figure, enhancing the dedication to detail made in the structuring of the body and its controls.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Design

When talking about this gadget we can easily highlight its manufacturing materials, appreciating that its housing is composed of a zinc-aluminum alloy of high density of 5 integrated sides to pressure without seam, with a process of vintage metal paint that allows to detail the contours of the radio fuselage. Something incredible to appreciate closely are the small metal shavings included in the paint that provides a flash effect.

Now, in terms of its size, we can mention that it has dimensions that allow us to easily manipulate it and place it anywhere, measuring 148 x 75 x 104 mm (length x width x height) and with a weight of 425g.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Design

And finally, in the lower part of the equipment, we will find 4 white rubber bases located each in a corner, with which you can place your Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio on any surface without scratching due to its rubber material.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Features

This product comes with many technological innovations and it is important that we highlight them all so that the user can know the potential of the gadget, which has great advances in its manufacture to give you the best audio quality as well as durability of the product. This radio has the following features:

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Features
  • Wireless distance: 10 meters in an open space.
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Speaker: 52mm
  • Amplifier power: 5 W (THDN 1%)
  • Single core CPU
  • System frequency response: 80Hz-20 kHz
  • Headphone jack: Standard 3.5mm jack
  • Charging interface: Standard Micro USB
  • Charge voltage: 5 VA
  • Mode selector knob: Bluetooth, AUX, Radio, OFF
  • Volume control knob

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Battery

The Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio has a high-power battery, which is made of 2600mAh lithium-ion polymer (3.7V). This gives the radio a long duration for you to enjoy your music satisfactorily. We will have up to 10 hours of autonomy depending on its use.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Battery

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Audio

The Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio has a speaker that is capable of generating 5W sound (THDN 1%) when the sound source comes from the AUX jack or in the case of Bluetooth wireless technology, if you use the FM radio, the maximum power is only 3W. An important feature is the neodymium speakers, which provide better performance than the conventional ones, which are commonly built with iron ferrite magnets that do not offer optimal performance, as they are heavier than neodymium magnets.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Connectivity

The Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio allows us to enjoy all the benefits of staying connected to our Smartphones, this equipment is able to adapt wonderfully to our needs because it has several modes, the simplest is the radio, since it accepts radio stations FM. In the same way in its AUX mode it has a standard 3.5mm input that allows it to adapt to any equipment on the market and offer an optimal performance when it comes to playing our music. And finally, it has a Bluetooth system that can operate 10 meters in an open space, giving an excellent range of operation to users.

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Connectivity

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Specification Table

Basic information
Brand: Xiaomi
Kind: Radio
Dimensions 148mm X75mm X104mm
Weight 425g
Interface Standard micro USB
Colour White moon
Package content
Includes: 1x Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio
1x USB cable
1x User’s Manual

Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio: Where to buy it?

Currently, the Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio can be obtained through the Aliexpress online store with an incredible and modest price of $137 (€121.49), if you want to enjoy your music at all times with great quality, do not hesitate and hurry in acquiring it. Then, we will leave the purchase link below in case you are interested in this attractive Radio:

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Elvis Radio on Aliexpress

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