Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor S500 with LED display officially on sale – Brings new upgrade for only 199 yuan ($28)

Not long ago, Xiaomi Mijia launched the Mijia electric razor S500 which is an upgrade of the first generation. Now, this electric razor is available on Jingdong for 199 yuan ($28) but it will officially ship on November 20. However, if you don’t know Chinese or don’t have a contact in China, you may not be able to get this new upgraded product. Nevertheless, there is good news. Gearbest and Banggood were quick enough to grab this device and it is currently available for Global Shipping.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric razor S500

According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi Mijia electric razor S500 adopts a three-head design. It comes with 360° floating shaving capacity, IFT suspension float, and double-layer blades.  The interior has a high-grade Japanese motor that has dual gears and can automatically select a gear for use.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric shaver S500

One of the upgrades of the  Mijia electric razor S500 is its LED display which is on the shaft of the device. This screen displays the percentage of electricity and also reminds you to clean the slag. The razor supports IPX7 waterproof thus you can rinse the device in water. In terms of battery life, the Mijia electric razor S500 can work for two months on a single charge. In addition, it uses a USB Type-C charging interface. If you are interested in the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor S500 upgraded version with an LED display, click any of the links below to access the deals.

  • For the Gearbest Deal, Click HERE
  • For the Banggood Deal, Click HERE
  • For the Jingdong Deal, Click HERE. Note that the Jingdong website is in Chinese and the site only ships within China.


I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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