A new Dash Cam called Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S has appeared on the market

Xiaomi has a huge variety of products that seek to cover all types of needs, from its incredible Smartphones to the Dash Cam that can be used to capture any problem that may arise on the streets. It is not the first incursion of Xiaomi in this field, but today, the Chinese company has decided to create a new gadget that will join this line of products. Introducing the Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S.

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Information about the Dash Cam Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S

First of all, you should know that when we talk about a Dash Cam, we refer to a mini camera that is placed in the front part of a vehicle, with which you can record all kinds of accidents that may happen during a trip. The Xiaomi ecological chain launched on October 16 a slightly updated version of one of the fans’ favorite devices, the Xiaomi Mijia Intercom 1S. It has exactly the same price, however, it promises to come with a lot of news that make it more attractive to the general public.

Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S Poster

The Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S is built from a lightweight aluminum base that has an integrated molding process. It also has a large lens design and a 3-inch IPS screen, and we must point out that, compared to its previous generation, the material on the screen has improved a lot. However, something that both generations share in common is that a combination of high-temperature resistant glue and an electrostatic paste is still used to fix the camera to the windshield of the vehicle.

Of course, another thing that has improved a lot in this generation is its image sensor, as it is now equipped with a Sony Starlight IMX307 night vision sensor, which has a f/1.8 focal aperture. This ensures a high light input, even in low light conditions. With respect to its viewing angle, the camera has a 140º wide-angle lens. Along with all this, the Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S also comes equipped with a SigmaStar image-processing chip, which allows it to be fully compatible with Full HD (1080p) image processing, with high fidelity H.264 video encoding; thereby the recorded image will always be clear.

Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S – Other features

The Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S also offers some special features, with a function that allows monitoring when the vehicle is parked. Basically, when the car is turned off, the recorder will automatically enter the parking-monitoring mode, whereupon the acceleration sensor will continuously monitor the vehicle’s condition. During this registration period, the emergency images taken by the Dash Cam will be stored completely separately, providing completely insured information during accidents or blows.

Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S Use

Another interesting thing is that you can use the Mijia application to connect directly with the recorder via a Wi-Fi connection. In this way, you can see the photos taken in real time and you can download the video to your phone. It also has a local voice control function, so common functions such as taking pictures or videos can be controlled using the voice. As mentioned above, this device shares the same price as its previous generation, so the Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S costs 349 yuan ($50) and it is also available for purchase.

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