[Coupon Deal] Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Printer: 6 inch, Desktop, For Just $130.99

Xiaomi is a multifaceted organization, and in spite of the fact that the Smartphones advertise is its primary fascination, the unbelievable assortment of choices that they offer in items is certain since they have a broad scope of hardware and gadgets. That is the reason for this gathering we will concentrate on the opposite side of the coin and discover somewhat more about another item that will achieve the market, we are discussing the Mijia 6-inch Desktop Color Photo Printer, a photograph printer which intends to be a significant ponder, so we welcome you to proceed with us amid this segment and learn considerably more about it.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Printer For Just $130.99


Last year, a small XPRINT printer was launched on the Chinese market, which was also sold by Xiaomi. The very small device was intended as an accessory for smartphones and could print small photos in a maximum size of 5.4 x 8.6 cm. The fact that the app required your Chinese phone number made the otherwise cool device for the German market unfortunately uninteresting. With the new printer, this will hopefully be different. The fact that the Mi Home App is supported, which can now even be used in German, gives hope.

The new printer is now a little bigger and with the dimensions 194 x 124.6 x 83.6 mm not meant for on the way anymore. Externally it corresponds to the typical Xiaomi design in plain white. At first glance, it could be mistaken for a Bluetooth loudspeaker if you look at the ventilation on the back. On the upper side, there is a single button for switching on the device.

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The printer prints photo up to six inches in size. A set of 40 sheets of photo paper can be purchased separately and costs 59 yuan, equivalent to about 8.50$. This results in a price of approximately 21 cents per photo. The photos are printed with 300 dpi and covered with a protective film to prevent scratching and fading over time.


The printer is controlled in one of four ways. Either one uses it classically on the PC or via the Mi Home App mentioned above. Especially interesting for China is the use via WeChat, but also Apple’s AirPrint is supported. With the printer, for example, one should be able to print passport photos at home.

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You can utilize the printer to print photographs on your telephone all predominantly need to utilize the APP to finish, you can specifically download the “Mijia APP” in the application advertise, you can likewise utilize the WeChat to add the Mijia Small program to work, and the iPhone client additionally Can be printed straightforwardly through Airprint.

Where To Buy

Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Printer is now available on Gearbest For Just at $149.99 On Limited Pre-Sale. if you want to order it on pre-sale you can follow the below link:

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Color Photo Printer For Just $130.99


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