Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly M1 Negative Ion Car Air Purifier Offered For $180.12

In relation to the issue of increasing pollution and that the air we breathe is not clean enough, we are all intrigued by how powerful or beneficial this article can be in our lives. this is why this innovative purifier will contribute significantly to our everyday life.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly: Performance

It is no secret that our favorite Chinese champion, Xiaomi, is one of the most versatile companies in terms of range of products, offering a bit of everything, although we should point out that in the Smartphones market they have gained great popularity, but beyond this achievement, also has this immense popularity among users thanks to its wide variety of options, being one of the most praised, the Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier, which is shaping up as an air purifier of great performance, but this is not all, as our star company knows very well how to improve the bet with a design that will surprise more than one, the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly is presented as a portable air purifier that can literally accompany us to any place. That is why we invite you to stay with us and know all that this beauty has for us.

The Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly presents a design that borders on the minimalist, which is outlined without any adornment that can saturate its image, in fact, the only highlight that we can see is in the front and we are talking about the word Cleanfly, this being an allusion to the name of the device. As for its manufacture, it is made of ABS / PC and thanks to this, it is much more resistant than other similar products on the market. Another very striking detail of this device is that we can use it as if it were a bracelet and very apart from being a peculiar ornament, this ensures a purified 1m3 space and therefore, we will always enjoy a pollution-free environment.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly

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With the above said, we can ask ourselves how is it possible to use it as a wristband? And this is due to its compact size, which we would say is its biggest attraction in the case of a purifier that is intended primarily for vehicles, but Xiaomi equipped this small device with such minimal dimensions that allow us to use it even as an accessory to wear, weighing only 0.3 kg, being almost imperceptible, so it will not bother us at all.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly

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We must emphasize that this purifier has a laser sensor, which allows to easily monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment, taking only 3 seconds to detect any type of change in it, although this is not all, as this information will be presented comfortably on an LED screen that is located on the front for greater accessibility of the user.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly

Finally, this purifier comes with a small strap that allows us to hold it easily in our vehicle, it should be noted that it is as easy to place as it is to remove.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly: Performance

Now, to get into the functionality of the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly, we must remember that an “anion” is an atom that has acquired a negative electric charge, thus becoming a negative ion, but what does it have to do with this wonderful purifier? Everything, the anions are part of our life, they come to us through many environmental factors and under that concept, we emphasize that the negative ions that remain in nature improve the level of humans to assimilate oxygen, suppressing the biological activity of the different microorganisms, therefore electrically neutralize the cations present in the environment (contamination agents).

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly: Performance

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Once we have understood the importance of negative anions in our daily lives, it is essential to know how to implement the idea of a purifier with the capacity of the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly. We can conclude that this device works by releasing IONS while at the same time collecting particles of pollution or smoke, destroying them and improving the air we breathe, in a few words, it is a system that consists of a 2-wheel fan and once that determines the contaminated air, eliminates it by expelling clean air in all directions. It should be noted that this system is known as a patented negative ion technology. All this is possible by a PM2.5 filter and a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 60 cubic meters per hour, being able to clean the air in approximately 3-7 minutes.

To finish, this purifier integrates a silent mode in its system, which allows it to operate without generating much noise, being by far the best option on the market, offering a comfortable and pleasant trip.

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly: Battery

The battery of this purifier is another remarkable point since it can offer a charge of up to 10 hours in continuous use thanks to its immense capacity, but the best of all is that it is rechargeable through 3 pins, being these extremely easy to connect.Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly: Battery

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly M1 Negative Ion Car Air Purifier

The Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly M1 Negative Ion Car Air Purifier currently available on Gearbest for a discounted price of $180.12 and depending on your preferred shipping option and choice of location, the device would be delivered to you for free.



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