Xiaomi Mijia Ceiling Lamp With Voice Control

As we know, Xiaomi has a wide catalog that offers many products made for the lighting of our homes. To that long list will be added a new Mijia ceiling lamp, which has 72 small LED lights that range from 2700K to 5700K, which have the ability to vary their temperature from a warm light to cold. Knowing this, the main peculiarity of this product lies in the fact that we could control the on and off, as well as all other proposed functions, through voice control. How is this possible? Once again, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Xiaomi Mijia Ceiling Lamp With Voice Control

Xiaomi Mijia Ceiling Lamp: Features

This new lamp is made for rooms of up to 25 square meters, and the assembly is very fast and simple. The range of brightness of this new Xiaomi product can vary from 0.3 lm to 2200 lm. So, with a color index of up to RA95, it is able to meet the various lighting scenarios required. However, and as mentioned before, the main feature is the intelligent functionality that will allow us to control the functions of this Mijia lamp with the only help of the voice. To not have the need to use a remote control (which we can acquire for separate).

Xiaomi Mijia Ceiling Lamp With Voice Control

At the moment, the voice commands can only be used thanks to the Xiaomi’s voice assistant, the Xiao AI, through the Yeelight Voice Assistant application. But the developers of this great Chinese company are already working to integrate this feature also in the Google Assistant. In this way, any user in the world will be able to use this lamp.

As expected, this lamp is able to connect to our smartphones thanks to the use WiFi or Bluetooth. To interact with more products from the domestic Xiaomi ecosystem, as well as the sensors for doors and windows. For example: when we enter the room, this Xiaomi Mijia light will turn on automatically.

With this intelligent link between the product and our phones, we will be able to see important data. Such as data on temperature and humidity, as well as smart locks and other products remotely.

Protection of the new Xiaomi Ceiling Lamp

Xiaomi Mijia Ceiling Lamp With Voice Control

But another feature that makes this Mijia ceiling lamp unique is the adoption of the IP50 multilayer protection. The screen of the lamp and the body can avoid the invasion of dust, foreign bodies, and mosquitoes. In short, this will allow us to clean our exterior easily and enjoy the purity of the lighting.


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