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Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Smart Hygrometer Thermometer Clock Offered for $12.88(Coupon)

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Smart Hygrometer Thermometer Measuring Tools is another of the very cheap yet feature-packed gadgets from Xiaomi. And we know where to buy the most.

They can do a lot, but they are really cheap

Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clock has multiple functions and is not a regular clock that displays time. They can communicate with multiple home smart devices and set commands. Despite these great features, they keep a really low price.

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If you are interested in the lessons and decide to buy them, do not forget to choose Standard Shipping, which in this case is free of customs duties and VAT.

Price without coupon: $17.88 On Banggood
+ Coupon 1 ($12.88): BGMIJIAT
– Coupon 2 ($13.44): BGXM134
_ Coupon 3 ($16.09): AFfbG10

Coupon 1 ($15.99): O9BEW7L8YV On Gearbest

They display time, measure both warm and humidity

Xiaomi has several intelligent clocks or thermometers in its portfolio. But the manufacturer does not stop and introduces the Mijia smart digital clock, which in addition to time displays temperature and humidity. Data is offered to the user on a gentle E-ink display. The device is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

Being a smart device, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the smartphone. Mijia smart digital clocks can communicate with other smart devices from the Mi Home platform. When connected to the air conditioner, they can send a command to the chiller when the room temperature exceeds 25 ° C. It can send similar commands to a heater or humidifier.

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It is also interesting that the clock also shows a kind of smiley. This one has two forms – sad express uncomfortable data of temperature and humidity, cheerful again opposite. You will always know that either temperature or humidity needs to be improved. The high-precision Swiss Sensirion chip takes care of the measurement of these two quantities.

Where To Buy

Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Smart Hygrometer Thermometer Clock On Banggood for $12.88

Price without coupon: $17.88
– Coupon 1 ($12.88): BGMIJIAT
Coupon 2 ($13.44): BGXM134
= Coupon 3 ($16.09): AFfbG10

Coupon 1 ($15.99): O9BEW7L8YV On Gearbest



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