Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 vs. Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2: You dont need a fortune to own them

Smart lighting is one of the most popular smart home categories: smart LED lamps are economical, easy to use and can change the ambiance of space in an instant. Today, we will look at the Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 and its successor — the Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2 and try to pinpoint any key differences (if any) between the two devices.

Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 Vs. Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2: design

The first notable difference between the two lamps is in the shape — the Yeelight 1 is taller and thinner measuring 3.94 x 3.94 x 8.7 inches while the Yeelight 2 is a bit bulkier and shorter measuring 7.87 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches.

the controls of Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1

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The next difference is in the controls. On the Yeelight 1, you will find the lamp’s control panel on the top: this includes two buttons for turning the lamp on/off and switching between modes as well as touch-controlled light intensity adjustment key. On the Yeelight 2, all the controls have been moved to the front of the lamp: here, you will find the touch slider for adjusting brightness as well as the on/off and mode switch touch keys.

the control of Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2

At the bottom, both lamps feature anti-skid strips, which make sure that lamps stand firmly on your bedside table and won’t be easily knocked down.

Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 V. Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2: app control and smart home scenes

While both lamps come with easy controls and touch keys, this is not what makes them smart. What does make them smart is the option for remote control via the dedicated app as well as easy integration into a smart home scene.

the app control of Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1

With both lamps, you can simply scan the QR code on the packaging to download the Mi Home App. From there on, you will need to create an account (if you don’t have one already) — and you are all set up to control the lamps. You will be able to change colors, adjust brightness, switch between lighting modes, turn the lamp on and off — but that’s not all. The thing about both smart lamps is that they can be easily integrated into your Mi Home system letting you program a variety of scenarios. You can set the lamp to turn on or off depending on the temperature in your room, create a schedule, set up the lamp to change colors or brightness level automatically — and more. You can also control both lamps from your Mi Band or via an AI speaker.

the Xiaoai classmate control of Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2

Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 Vs. Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2: light quality and lighting modes

When it comes to the lighting itself, the two lamps are very similar. Both offer you a variety of lighting modes and let you make adjustments when it comes to color brightness and temperature. Both lamps let you choose between cold and warm light as well as colored light options. Cold (white) light is generally better during the day for when you are working or studying; warm light is recommended in the evening when you are getting ready for bed or in the early morning when you are just waking up — you can also keep it on during the night if you don’t sleep well in the dark. Color light modes are a quick way to create a party or holiday atmosphere  — and you will have loads of colors to choose from with both models.

the lighting modes of Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1

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Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 1 vs. Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2: price and conclusion

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, both lamps will cost you exactly the same — $49.99. And we find it quite understandable as there are no major differences between the two devices. In fact, it’s mostly just the design that sets them apart. We find that the Mijia bedside lamp has definitely received an upgrade when it comes to looks and controls: touch keys and the brightness slider seem more “organic” on the front of the lamp — and it’s also easier to see what exactly you are doing. Aesthetically, we also think that the new Mijia bedside lamp looks better than the earlier model: it has a “softer” shape that blends in especially well with any decor. With that, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some might prefer the slimmer and taller Mijia bedside lamp 1. When it comes to the actual smart lighting features, remote controls and functionality, we have not found any major differences between the two smart lamps: they seem to be equally convenient in use and can be easily added to you Mi smart home.



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