Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3 Review: The Low-Noise Performer with More Air Volume

Xiaomi is again hitting the market with its next 3rd gen air purifier system launched in August 2019. After a spectacular success of its previous editions, now, it brings Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 with some ultra-advanced features over the predecessors.

The demand for air purifiers is intensifying because of the changing climatic conditions. Correspondingly, the Chinese all-rounder Xiaomi has solutions to every problem and now it is about to serve its user-base with a smart air purifier device to use at home, office or anywhere else.

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Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

Notably, the Air purifier is jointly manufactured by Xiaomi and Zhimi. Hence, the duo has filled the equipment with modern age specifications to take the performance to the next level.

Today in this article, we will conduct a review of the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 to know how the 3rd generation product has overtaken the previous ones.

Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3: Spec-sheet At A Glance

The Air purifier 3 has been redesigned to take more air output without shaking the volume of the device. As compared to the predecessors, now, it can produce 6660 litters of clean air in a minute.

Furthermore, users will get enhanced CADR value of the particulate matter (400m3/h) by up to 29%. Similarly, the applicable area is also increased from 37 to 48 m2 to meet the small family needs effectively.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

In the front, the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 installs an OLED touch display for quick control. Moreover, high precision laser particle sensor is able to catch slight pollution quickly.

Users will also save energy with 38W DC brushless motor, which works at lower noise to generate an optimum level of performance.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

As per the control options, the Air purifier 3 is manageable through an app and voice control system. Physically, it is a slim size device to occupy only an A4 size paper area.

The Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 also equips an integrated 3600 Barrel filter to remove the PM2.5 and formaldehyde substances in a single attempt.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 is a one-stop solution for air purification for a small to medium size family.

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Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 Review: Features and Specifications in Detail

Have you reviewed the major highlights of the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 quickly? Now we will go through a detailed review of the Xiaomi Air purifier 3. If you need it, read it out till the end.

Design and Build

Starting with the physique and appearance, we will proceed to the following sections. At prima facia, the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 looks smart in a compact and lightweight design. The White color skin is glowing to charm the house pleasantly.

Moreover, the best quality is its tiny size. It is such small size equipment to cover an overall area equivalent to an A4 size paper. You can place it anywhere in your home conveniently.

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The front side equips an OLED touchscreen for quick assistance. Through it, you can shift the gears and speed modes easily.

Inside, the air purifier packs a 38 DC motor with better suspension rate. The top side has a way to blow out the pure air.

On measuring this air purifying machine, we got the figures at 240x240x520 mm and the weight measures at 4.8kg.

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Air Purification Power

Well, the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 brings a powerful and improved harmful substances removal system. The CADR value of the particulate matter is increased to set at 400 m3/h after improving by 29%.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

The engineers have transformed the entire air duct system to ensure 6660 litters of clean and fresh air output per minute. Ultimately, users get the hygienic and pure atmosphere in their home and enjoy a healthy life altogether.

High Precision Laser Particle Sensor

Being the modern time innovation, the Air purifier 3 adopts smart laser particle sensor to catch the micron-sized dust particles intelligently. Hence, it removes them and provides 100% fresh air output.

On the other hand, if the machine is in an automatic mode, it will adjust the sensor to obtain a better purification effect.

App and AI Voice Control

Xiaomi has done a brilliant job to make the Air purifier 3 of the digital time. You don’t need to operate the machine manually or physically anymore.

Correspondingly, the air purifier adopts app control as well as intelligent voice control support. Using your MIJIA app in your smartphone, you can monitor the air quality of your home, control time switch, and the state of the filter element etc.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

Along with, users can also use a wide range of Xiaomi’s intelligent speaker voice control. It can also be connected with some other smart Mijia products. Currently, it supports only the Chinese language.

Similarly, the Air purifier 3 also ensures the connections with other smart home gadgets like Zhimi Sterilization Humidifier, Zhimi Full DC Inverter Air Conditioner, and Zhimi Fresh Air System etc.

Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 Review: Motor

To keep the air-purifying machine noise at low, the company has loaded it with a brushless DC motor with a 38W maximum power.

Therefore, the high-efficiency DC motor performs the operations at lower noise with a maximum of 32.1 dB. Ultimately, you will get calm activity while sleeping at night without any disturbance.

The motor works 24 hours to cause you the daily electricity cost less than Yuan 0.5.

Integrated 3600 Barrel Filter

The barrel filter helps the air purifier to tackle and remove the harmful substances such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde etc.

The integrated 360-degree barrel filter system has a multi-layer system. The first layer stops the large size particles such as hair, dust and others alike.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

Similarly, the 2nd layer is a high-quality EPA grade filter handles fine and micron-sized particles. The third layer with activated carbon can effectively absorb and remove harmful particles.

OLED Display

On the front side, the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 machine equips an OLED touchscreen to give you quick access to the functionality.

Using the touch display, users can operate various functions conveniently. The air quality will be ultra-fine at a glance and you will get the night operations with full clarity.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

The Air purifier 3 offers the users to switch between various modes like favorite gear, sleep gear, automatic gear etc. Along with, it provides some other modes i.e. low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed to operate on the screen.


The price figure also seems to do justice with the overall structure and functionality of the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3. Initially, it was launched with a price tag of Yuan 899 ($127), but now, it is available for $211.99 on Banggood store. Click the link to buy now:


In the wrap up of the Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier 3 Review, we can regard the machine to be good and productive for a small to medium size family.

Further, the air purifier adopts advanced features like OLED display, lightweight, 38W low noise brushless motor, improved particulate matter CADR, app and Ai voice control, high precision laser sensor, and compact size etc.

Overall, it is fully-furnished equipment to use at home or office for better and fresh air quality. So, it must be in your final options list without any doubt.

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