(Flash Deal) Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera: For Just $88.99

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera has a wide functionality. A feature of the camera is that it supports shooting 4K video at 30 frames per second with electronic image stabilization – the system of the three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope is responsible for the latter.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera: For Just $88.99

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera received a case with dimensions of 71.5 x 42.7 x 29.5 mm and weighs only 99 grams. The camera is equipped with a 2.4-inch touch screen for quick access to the gallery and viewfinder. The interface also includes quick settings and buttons for switching between photos and videos. The camera is equipped with a 2.4-inch touchscreen, which is currently the largest among action cameras. The camera has only one button on top, and all settings will be made through interaction with the display.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera is running Ambarella A12S75, which supports H.264 encoding. This chip is able to give a stable picture without subsidence and overheating. The camera has an integrated advanced image processing module (ISP), with 3D noise reduction, lens distortion correction, RAW format support, with various image modes and high-quality stereo sound processing.

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The Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera comes with a lens consisting of 7 lenses and with an F / 2.8 aperture. The camera uses a 1 /2.5? 8MP Sony Exmor sensor, IMX317, which can shoot at 4K resolution (3840×2160) at a frequency of 30 fps, as well as full HD video at 100 fps and HD video at 200 fps. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are provided among the interfaces, and the data is stored on a memory card up to 64 GB.

High-performance stuffing allows the camera to see well in low light and cope with significant differences in illumination within the frame. The advantages of the sensor also include the ability to shoot high-definition video with a high frame rate. 

The Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera via Wi-Fi ability to use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control.   Also present is a slot for microSD cards and a micro USB connector. On the bottom of the camera action is a standard mount for a tripod. Two microphones are responsible for recording sound in stereo format.

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Where To Buy

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera device fits in your pocket and ready for any challenge. Compact and miniature camera with extensive functionality is a popular model in the lineup. In a small case fit a powerful matrix, a WiFi module and much more. Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera is now avaialble on Gearbest For Just $88.99 On Flash Sale With 24% OFF.

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