XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier APP Voice Control UV-C Sterilization Offered For $76.99(Free Shipping)

In hot and dry climates, humidity can drop up to 10-20%. This low humidity is capable of causing adverse health effects, by drying the mucous membranes, such as the lining of the nose and throat, and can cause respiratory distress. Likewise, low humidity can also affect wood furniture, causing shrinkage and loose joints or cracking of the pieces. Due to all these factors, the companies decided to start launching special humidifiers to avoid all these adverse effects, and this is what Xiaomi did, by introducing us to the new MIJIA Smart Humidifier.

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Xiaomi launched the MIJIA Smart Humidifier with UV-C water sterilization

Xiaomi launched the new MIJIA Smart Humidifier

The new MIJIA Smart Humidifier uses ultraviolet C light to sterilize water before using it for humidification. UV-C is one of three types of invisible light rays (along with ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B) emitted by the sun, making it safe for humans , but it is highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses by destroy the molecular bonds that hold your DNA together.

Since tap water may contain bacteria and other contaminants, water sterilization is of the utmost importance. Even when purified water is kept in the tank for a long time, bacteria can grow inside and, therefore, the incorporation of water sterilization in this Xiaomi humidifier is a good engineering piece.

Xiaomi launched the new MIJIA Smart Humidifier

The water tank inside the MIJIA Smart Humidifier expands to a large capacity of 4.5 liters , which is equivalent to approximately 18 bottles of 250 ml of mineral water and, once the water is placed, it can be humidified continuously between 12 and 15 hours . Having said that, it should be clarified that this storage tank is not removable, so you can only remove the cover if it is necessary to refill or remove the water inside.

On the other hand, the design of this new humidifier includes an LED light ring located around the power button, while a thin and transparent strip on the tank body that turns blue when UV-C sterilization is in action.

Xiaomi launched the new MIJIA Smart Humidifier humidifier


3 gear adjustable fog volume.
–Ultraviolet lamp tube – High light intensity.
–Less than 38dB noise, quiet and not interrupting.
–Transparent water gauge-Water quantity is clear.
–Bottom annular intake – Helps to speed up the release of moisture.
UV-C instant sterilization system releases pure and healthy water mist.
–Agglomeration spray nozzle – The water fog is far from the table without make it wet.
–A clear segmented state ring. In the dark, you can also see the humidification state. You can also tap the button to debug freely.
–Quite about 18 bottles of 250mL mineral water, once added water, can last humidify 12 hours 15 hours, say goodbye to getting up in the middle of the night.
–The electric water valve developed by the light sound technology enables Mijia intelligent sterilization humidifier to determine accurately and stably when replenishing water and to spread slowly so as to minimize the noise of replenishing water.
–The high-frequency atomization sheet of the ceramic core is selected and the water source is atomized into 1 ? 5-micron particles, erupts at an instantaneous rate through the fog channel, and the amount of fog emitted high to 300mL/h’. Small molecules easily penetrate the skin and reach the bottom of the skin, let the skin like a sponge full of water.

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