Xiaomi Mijia 26-in-1 Screwdriver Kit with Hidden Magazine Offered For $58.34

The Xiaomi Mijia 26-in-1 Screwdriver Kit with Hidden Magazine was announced early this year,  and it is finally available on Gearbest for grabs. This is not Xiaomi first Screwdriver kit, has the brand first released Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit, which came with a unique design and 24 kinds of different heads for all cases of life and also Xiaomi Wowstick 19 in 1 Electric Screwdriver with one aluminum handle and 18 different types of S2 alloy steel bits. Now we have a new 26-in-1 Screwdriver Kit to light up our world. The XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit has been dubbed as the world’s best ratcheting screwdriver

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XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit

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It comes with a unique design that hides the pieces inside the set. So it can pop up and retract when needed. Each of the pieces is manufactured using high-precision chrome vanadium steel. That’s why it is usually called Xiaomi Wiha 26-in-1 Precision Screwdriver. But overseas it is known as Wiha new 77790 26-in-1 tradesman ultra driver (or something like that). Anyway, the screwdriver is made by using CNC precision molding process. There is also a retractable stem where each of the tips can be inserted and removed easily. As for the handle, it comes in red and black and provides great ergonomics.

XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit

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The European variant of this amazing screwdriver has won a few awards including the Red Dot Award, IF Design award, Stuttgart Design Award, and the 2018 German Design Award. What do you expect from such an amazing device? In summary, The XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit comes in a Unique hidden magazine design on the handle, 13 dual-end screwdriver bits, 26 different specifications. It is Fabricated from  High-class chrome-vanadium steel, for extreme durability, and utility. Lastly, Its ergonomic and anti-slip handle, ensures the biggest torque force and comfortable user experience

Where To Buy The XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit

The XIAOMI Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdrivers Set Kit is currently available on Gearbest for $58.34 with a free shipping option attached to it.



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