Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot is now offered for $279.99 only

Xiaomi Mijia 1S

The Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot takes cleaning to a whole new level of ease and convenience. This cleaning robot is lightweight and compact and easy to use. Its body is of ABS material and it measures only 3.8 kgs. Its design helps in carrying out mopping, sweeping and sweep suction on carpets, ceramic tiles, marble flooring, shag carpets, tile floors, and wood floors. Powered by 2000 Pa large suction, the cleaner ensures there are no dust particles and you have a squeaky clean floor.

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Xiaomi Mijia 1S

Dual Navigation System

The LDS laser and vision sensor dual navigation system makes this cleaner more accurate. The LDS laser system helps the cleaner scan its environment. Basis its current position, the cleaner creates a map of its surroundings with this system. The vision sensor allows the cleaner to shoot while in motion. Furthermore, The quality is unmistakably clear and undistorted.

Laser SLAM and Vision SLAM fusion

The biggest advantage that Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot has is the incorporation of Laser and Vision SLAM. Moreover, This device can make accurate maps and identify images. This allows it to function even after being removed from the location.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S

AI Image Recognition

With AI, the device recognizes the location and characteristics of doors and partitioning of rooms. After the cleaning is over, the cleaner automatically deletes the generated images. This is done immediately and ensures privacy.

One of the smartest features is the ability of Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot to automatically partition rooms on the maps it creates for cleaning. Further, A user can name this map to guide the cleaner.

The intelligent path planning ability of the cleaner helps it clean each room by reducing the number of turns. This enhances efficiency.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S

Automatic Charging

Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot returns to dock as soon as the battery charge drops to 20 percent. When the charge reaches to 80 percent, the cleaner returns to the spot it was cleaning and continues its work.

This Xiaomi Smart Sweeping Robot is just what you need to keep your home clean. With its 12 different omnidirectional sensors, the cleaner can adapt to different environments. It is perfect for any home!

Where to buy?

To Buy Xiaomi Mijia 1s Smart Sweeping Robot on a deal price, you can follow the link below:-

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