Xiaomi MIIW Elite keyboard and MIIW Elite Mouse launched on Feb 25

Xiaomi, which is well-known for mesmerizing the global users, now appears with a pair of smart computer gadgets on February 25. Under the crowdfunding platform, the company has launched the Xiaomi MIIW Elite keyboard and Xiaomi MIIW Elite Mouse with fascinating attributes and design. We can expect the office work to be more labor-saving and blissful.

Before the launch, we came across the teaser poster of the products surfaced online. As per the posted inscriptions, ‘in the smart era, the Internet of Things makes everything interconnect and make peripherals more possible. From functional peripherals to smart peripherals, what else do you need?

Features of Xiaomi MIIW Elite keyboard:

Correspondingly, we can simply assume what poster implies in the sense of current technical scenario. It indicates the evolution of Xiaomi MIIW Smart Mouse and Xiaomi Smart Keyboard.

Earlier, the same brand had also revealed the similar equipment. The Xiaomi Elite Keyboard and Xiaomi Elite Mouse with CNY 299 ($42) and CNY 199 ($28) price tags, respectively. These were also well-enriched with useful modules to make the routine computer work more joyful and speedy.

Xiaomi Miwu Elite keyboard

As per specifications, the Xiaomi MIIW Elite keyboard follows an elegant frameless design philosophy with rounded keys. Further, the board hosts 85 keys in total along with a scissors foot key shaft. Every key measure 7.8mm in thickness to deliver a pleasant typing experience to users.

As per the connectivity concerns, the Xiaomi MIIW Elite keyboard features dual-mode, Bluetooth & USB wireless receiver, connectivity. Additionally, the keyboard also sports MacOS and Windows dual platforms. Uniquely, the keyboard also places a voice key between ‘ALT’ and ‘CTRL’ buttons on the right side of the spacebar. It entails the HKUST Xunfei Voice pack.

Xiaomi MIIW Elite Mouse:

The Xiaomi Elite Mouse, on the other side, also provides dual-mode (Bluetooth & USB Wireless) connectivity along with the symmetrical design and magnetic back shell.

Xiaomi Miwu Elite mouse

The Xiaomi MIIW Elite mouse is the deformed mouse with the 28.3mm thickness. You can fit in your pocket and also, it can lift upto 10mm to give a more proper grip.The smart Mi mouse have pass the 71 colour possibility test. It is a Bluetooth wireless connectivity mouse with 510mAh battery. A one charge can give you the 15 days of regular use and 1 year of stand-by.

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