Xiaomi MIIIW MWBKO1 review | A Premium Bluetooth Keyboard

The tech devices have emerged in their ways of application in the past decades. People do not want desktops in most of the cases. The smartphones and tablet devices are becoming famous to the users. For every practical purpose, replacing desktop computers or even laptop computers by the tablet PCs or smartphones is a common choice now.

However, typing long articles or messages or in fact chatting sometimes starts to get a reason of irritation when done on touchscreens. The most convenient way to do this type of typing comes with best comfort when done in physical keyboards even now.

Using keyboards by connecting them with smartphones or laptops is a convenient way that is getting popular day by day. There are various types of keyboards that can serve this purpose. Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 dual mode connection keyboard is one of them, but has its own leading worth due to many attractive reasons.

The various features along the positive and negative points of this keyboard will now be discussed in this article.

Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Review

Unboxing Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01

Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keyboard
The box in which Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 comes

Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 comes in a paper box. The detail of the keyboard is written at the back side of the box.

Unboxed Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01

The detail however comes written in Chinese, so it is not helpful for most of the people. Inside the box is Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 keyboard and the manual for it.

The manual also comes written in Chinese. However, the images in the manual help the user to understand the various functions and usability of the keyboard. So the manual becomes useful to the user helping him to understand the operation of this keyboard.

The Chinese manual supplied with Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01


The design of Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01

The design of the keyboard looks premium as many other Xiaomi devices do. The keyboard has complete 104 keys. The buttons of the keyboard are circular, which make them look attractive.

The keyboard casing is made of Aluminium alloy, which Xiaomi uses to make its most of the devices. This gives the keyboard a premium built quality as well as a neat surface finish. The premium quality of the keyboard attracts the user verily.

Backside of Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01


Backside of the keyboard also has premium Aluminium alloy finishing. There is rubber padding at several points of the bottom of the keyboard. This allows the keyboard to keep itself steady at a position, where it is kept on the table.

At the top position of the bottom side of the keyboard, there is a removable cover. Removing this cover shows the housing for 2 AAA batteries which powers the keyboard. The batteries come on board inside the package. There a USB dongle can also be seen by the side of the battery housing.

The battery housing of Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01


Using Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01

Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 can be used with any sort of devices coming from smartphones, Tablet PCs, Mac or Laptop PCs almost every device. There is this button on the top right corner of the keyboard that turns the keyboard on.

Small button on the top right corner to turn the keyboard on/off

The keyboard is branded as Dual-mode connection keyboard. This Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to any PCs Smartphone or Tablets using the dongle supplied with the keyboard if the device does not support Bluetooth.

The dongle is pre-installed plug n play supported, so the user does not need to use any extra software to connect the keyboard. The connection can also be made to Bluetooth supported devices by just tapping the Bluetooth button to turn the Bluetooth of the device on.

If re-pairing is needed, long pressing the same Bluetooth button for 10-12 second allows the device to be re-pairing.

The Bluetooth Connectivity button of the keyboard

Once the connecting activity of the keyboard is finished, it can be used in the conventional way as all other keyboards are used.

Main features of Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01

Premium Quality

The device has premium built quality. It is Aluminium Alloy made and the surfaces of the device are smoothly finished. This metallic casing keyboard will attract you as soon as you have a look on it. You will fall in love with the keyboard finish quality after you grab it in your hands.

The weight of the keyboard is slightly higher than that of the various other Bluetooth keyboards due to this metallic body.

Rigid Positioning

The keyboard has rubber padding at the bottom of it. The rubber padding helps to keep the device steady on the table or any other surfaces once it is kept on the surface. This helps the user as the keyboard does not move from its position or does not slip unintentionally.

Keeping the Device On-board

Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01 Bluetooth keyboard has a grooved top surface line at the front side of it, which is very useful. This spot can be used to keep your smartphone or tablet on top of the keyboard and have a convenient screen view of the device. The device is also secured in this groove as the keyboard does not slip from its position.

Image: Keeping the smartphone on top of the keyboard

Easy Connecting

The keyboard can be connected to any desktop or laptop PCs, Smartphones or Tablet PCs using the supplied plug n play dongle or by just turning on the Bluetooth depending on the device it has to be connected with. The connection does not require any additional software installation or any other hassles.

Comfortable typing

The circular keys attract the user greatly. Also the keys have been designed Ergonomic to suit with the fingers of the user. They press easily and smoothly and produce a smooth pressing noise to let you know of the success of your typing.

The pros and cons in Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01 keyboard

The pros in Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01 keyboard

  • The keyboard has beautiful design
  • Full keyboard layout with all 104 keys
  • Premium Aluminium Alloy body material
  • Smooth and neat surface finish
  • Ergonomic design of circular buttons
  • Dual mode of connection, easy to connect with almost all devices
  • Rubber padding helps to prevent dispositioning of the keyboard
  • Has place to keep the smartphone or tablet it is connected with on top of the keyboard
  • Powered by just two AAA batteries

Lacking in Xiaomi MIIW MWBK01

  • Metallic body makes it a heavier keyboard than its competitors
  • Does not have various coloring options. Only white color is now available
  • Does not have PS2 port connection or USB powered connection. When battery will have no charge, the keyboard will be useless till loading new batteries


The Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Dual mode connection keyboard has a very attractive design. It has premium build quality and very good surface finishing, making it a desirable Bluetooth keyboard for the user.

The anti-slipping feature helps the keyboard to stay steady during its use. Having provision to keep the smart devices on top of it also helps the user in many ways.

However, the weight of the keyboard being a little higher may make the user uncomfortable. There could be a back-up connection plan using cable connection when the battery of the device goes out.

Considering everything, the device is best in class with many good features compared to a little lacking.


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