Xiaomi MIIIW Metal Pop Up Business Card Holder Offers In $9.99 at Geekbuying (Flash Sale)

MIIW Technology, a subsidiary of Xiaomi recently launched a business card holder: MIIIW Metal Pop Up Business Card Holder which for the needs of business cards as well as ATM cards of most office workers as well as those who regularly deal with bank cards. Currently, Xiaomi MIIIW Metal Pop Up Business Card Holder is available on Geekbuying for $9.99.

Buy Xiaomi MIIIW Metal Pop Up Business Card Holder For $9.99

At a glance, the Business Card Holder is very similar to the Mi Powerbank backup chargers that have been sold on the market. With a luxurious, sturdy aluminum enclosure, the Business Card Holder exudes elegance and elegance. This aluminum shell, which has undergone an anodizing treatment that makes it tough, improves scratch resistance, wear resistance and sweat damage. time.

Not only durable, the Card Business Card Holder is also quite compact with measurements of 109.1 x 65.7 x 11.5mm respectively. This means that the entire product is only 11.5mm thick. It’s significantly smaller than a 5.5-inch smartphone, with two curved edges that make it feel as comfortable as possible.

At the same time, the Business Card Holder also incorporates a magnetic magnet system to prevent the inner card holder from falling outward. With a large number of compartments in combination with the optimum size.

the Business Card Holder can carry 6 bank cards at the same time, or 16 different papers (driver’s license, car wagon. With a single press of a button on the product body, the Business Card Holder will automatically push the compartment outward.

Buy Xiaomi MIIIW Metal Pop Up Business Card Holder For $9.99

You can find this amazing Business Card Holder on the at a price of $9.99 with a 50% discount.


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