Xiaomi Mi7 Concept Images Leak – Interesting If True!

Recent talks of Mi7 began to circle the dark web with Xiaomi Mi6 gaining glorious attention throughout the globe. A channelĀ on youtube posted a video of mi7 concept design earlier today, so let’s debunk it.

Mi7 Concept Analysis

mi7 images

First of all this concept is nowhere near official. This is clearly a fan with some photoshop skills trying to take attention to himself. The video goes on with made up specs and more art.

mi7 images

Trying to look authentic if you have little knowledge regarding specs you might be fooled, however, we aren’t. A poor attempt, especially with the back panel’s stripes which can never, ever be Xiaomi.

mi7 images

Clearly inspired by Samsung S8 and other concept videos this youtuber is clearly fooling with Xiaomi fans.


Xiaomi are most certainly already engineering Mi7 in their labs, however, any info on it is months away. Following current trends Mi7 will surely use Snapdragon 845 and have a cutting-edge design language, therefore concept images are simply fan art.

Fan concepts of popular phones are ways of clickbating users to youtube and we hope with this article to put an end to it.

Xiaomi fans will have to wait a few more months before we see anything interesting about next-gen Mi devices.

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