Xiaomi Mi5: Where to buy it before others?

Among all the presentations and releases from the MWC 16, we had the most anticipated release. That release was of the famous Xaiomi Mi5, a successor of Mi4. Apart from the first official release and spectacular Specifications of Xiaomi Mi5, many of our readers, questioned us that from where we can buy it?

After spending a quality of time on surfing the Chinese stores, we found the best-trusted shop.

Buying Xiaomi Mi5 and why the price has escalated?

Friends… It is true that the price of Xaiomi Mi5 has raised from the official price tag announced by the manufacturer. Well, it’s common and somewhat logical that the price of any product increases when it gains fame. International distributors inflate the price, especially during the first week of its release and force us to pay some extra money.

Xiaomi Mi5

Still considering the terminals excellent features and most importantly the exorbitant price that sets its rivalry with international brands like Samsung S7, if you want a high-end phone while considering budget Xiaomi Mi5 is the best choice for you.

At the current time, the best store for pre-ordering Xiaomi Mi5 (32 GB version) is Gearbest. The given link (below) is the way to the lowest price, which is around 400 euros. The seller promises to ship the product after April 15.



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    1. but the GearBest has the exact date April 15 for Mi5 to be available but see ibuygou has no confirmed dates!

      1. ye that’s completely true. But I’m pretty confident that Ibuygou isn’t going to lack much behind with Mi5 availability even if they haven’t announced any exact dates yet.

        When talking about “budget” phones, atleast for me ~15% percent increase in price doesn’t justify a little earlier delivery. Ofcourse some people want to get it as soon as possible for various reasons and don’t mind about paying extra for it 🙂

  1. Can’t wait to spend some time with the Mi5, the price is very temting but we could wait for a price drop.

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