Xiaomi Mi5 Getting MIUI8.2 (Android 7.0) Update NOW

The Xiaomi Mi5 is the most popular smartphone of the company. So it’s quite reasonable everything good / new should come to its users first. This is true for the Android 7.0 update as well. Four months back we saw the beta version launched for the Xiaomi Mi5. Later it was said the alpha version should become available a week later. But there was no word when the stable version will become available. About a month ago MIUI team announced the v8.2 update will become available for 100 million Mi owners. The MIUI8.2 update was pushed to a list of smartphones, but the most popular Xiaomi handset was out of the list. Everyone knew its absence is related with the fact MIUI8.2 based on Android 7.0 is getting prepared to launch for the phone. Today MIUI team announced the promised update is already available for download. So we can write down the Xiaomi Mi5 is the only phone of the manufacturer running on Android 7.0 and MIUI8.2.

We have already mentioned at least 4 improvements made in this update. But the final version of it showcased there are more enhancements, bug fixes and changes than expected. First, this version brings a new desktop intelligence assistance. Say, you can swipe from the left side of the phone in order to quickly view traffic usage, book reading progress, bus subway and so on.

There is a WeChat payment system as well as a dozen other WeChat features we have talked about recently. The MIUI 8.2 also comes with a new Security Centre. It uses IFTTT to perform different tasks at different time. At last, MIUI8.2 comes with updated notification bar design, sound effects like camera focus, screenshots, charging, lock screen etc.


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