Xiaomi Mi5 Best Price 199$ – Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy in 2017(New Coupons)

With Xiaomi Mi5 best price now 199$ it really offers the best value in 2017. Featuring VoLTE, Snapdragon 820, NFC, Android 7.0, Quick Charge 3.0 and OIS – Mi5 just dropped to the lowest price, ever. Here are the Top 3 Reasons you should buy Xiaomi Mi5 Today!

Mi5 is Faster than most 2017 phones

Snapdragon 835 might be the fastest chip today, however, Snapdragon 820 is still very fast. In fact faster than any mid-range chip on the market today. Compared to Snapdragon 653 and Snapdragon 625 powered devices Xiaomi Mi5 will always win!

Let’s compare with hot new phones like Nokia 6 and Moto Z2 Play, which sell for 250$ and 400$.

Talking about differences in performance, Mi5’s SD820 is more than twice as fast as Nokia 6. Compared to Moto Z2 Play released last week, Mi5 scores twice as high. When it comes to 3D games the Adreno 530 is 4 times as fast compared to Adreno 505 and 506!

Not only does Mi5 have Snapdragon 820, but also UFS 2.0 storage, which is faster than anything used in phones below 350$.

Fast storage is something you use every day, it helps any app open and save files faster. While storage is neglected, it’s actually more important than having an extra GB of RAM.

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Xiaomi Mi5 Best Price And All The Features You Need

Performance is all good and important, but some people care more about other key features like faster charging and NFC. While Mi5 wasn’t the best-looking mobile on the market, it still is the most feature rich.

You simply can’t get NFC, Quick Charge 3.0, VoLTE and Camera with OIS in any other phone today. Nothing really compares to Mi5 when it comes to embedded technology we use today. People keep asking me about NFC and Quick Charge in cheap new phones when they should be looking at last year’s flagship instead.

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Compact Size and Great Camer Combo

With today’s flagship size being 5.7-inches and more, lots of people are left wanting a smaller, yet just as powerful phone.

Xiaomi Mi5 measure at just 5.15-inches and only 129 grammes, and is still the fastest compact phone on the market. Perfect for one-hand usage and fits nicely in your pocket.

Cameras are definitely a low-point in sub 250$ phones. None of them offer optical image stabilisation and most can only shoot up to FHD video.

Say what you want about Mi5, but its camera package is second to none at this price point. Not only do you get one of the best front cams, but OIS and 4K video recording with 16MP Sony IMX298 back camera as well. Buying Xiaomi Mi5 best price at 199$, you get the most performance, cameras and features in 2017.



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      1. Hello, its shown price is $219 on gearbest site, if we enter the code EGMI5 then price is going up to $375. As well as shipping charges were also applicable to ship the product to India. Am interested to purchase for $199 without any other charges.

        1. The coupon was for 50 units only, after that it’s 219$ We are trying to get more in Monday for you. Please, be patient, we are working on it. We value your time and will try to get more discounted Xiaomi Mi5 for you.

  1. Hi Team,

    Can we know if more MI5 will be available on Monday?

    Based on the review comments I started loving this phone.

    1. I will know tomorrow afternoon if we can get more coupons, but there is a chance we may not get more. I think 219$ is still a very, very good price for this Xiaomi jewel, and think you should not wait as all units may be sold by then.

  2. If it got sold I think we can buy this phone in Aliexpress for another 15$ more. Thought of asking you if there is any chance of getting the coupon for 199$.

    1. Unfortunately, I have no idea and am not responsible for any customs charges. Every country has specific laws about those. You can write in your order to send as gift with low value, this might save you customs fees.

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