[Deal] All New Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A Hits Gearbest – Only $26.99 (Coupon)

Looking for a great yet cheap WiFi Router. Search no more, as XiaomiToday has got the best budget-friendly router till date. Recently, Xiaomi released Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A. Guess what? It’s available for global purchase on the Gearbest for a stupendous price tag of .99. We must note that it’s more than the addition of the alphabet ‘A’ after Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3. As you know, the ‘A’ series in smartphones and other products defines the cheapest family of Xiaomi, such as Xiaomi Redmi 5A. But you can get it for the lowest price of .99, a discount of with this coupon code “XR3AP”.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A

So, what’s so special about our today’s protagonist, which makes it a must buy under $29.99? Well, let’s find out:

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A – 3X Faster Internet, Four Antennas Configuration

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A appears to follow the latest trending and innovative design. It occupies a space of only 19.50 x 13.10 x 2.35 cm and weighs 220 grams which are slightly heavier than a 6-inch smartphone. The aero-shaped design allows the user to adjust the router anywhere. Rather than following the old rod-shaped antenna design, Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A features four rectangular shaped antennas which match with the new sleek main base. Overall, Xiaomi has designed this so that it may match with other Xiaomi products such as Mi WiFi IP Camera, Mi TV Box, and so on.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A area

The router comes with the latest 802.11ac WiFi Standard. The advantage of the ‘AC’ module is that the connection is 3X reliable and faster. Considering the speed, a standard type ‘N’ router might give you 300 Mbps speed but Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A with the latest ‘AC’ technology features blazing fast 1167 Mbps internet speed which is the fastest among the routers. Hmm…Best speed under $26.99. Not bad, I guess.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A featured 1

Moreover, the router supports Dual Band networks including 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The best part is that the user gets the same performance like in Xiaomi Mi Router 3 for a better price. The few down points are that it doesn’t have any USB ports, but two secondary LAN ports and one main LAN port. Meanwhile, the 128MB SLC Nand Flash and 128MB DDR2 have been downgraded to 16MB NorFlash and 64MB DDR2.  Furthermore, it can connect up to 126 smart devices within a long range of 100 meters. The credit goes to the MT7628A processor and, of course, the 4 antennas.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A featured

As far as the App support is concerned, we have the same app for Mi WiFi Router 3A as for Mi Router 3, which is ‘Mi WiFi’. You can search it on Play Store and Apple App Store or simply scan the QR code to install it. The app is available in Chinese, English, and other languages. Unlike other Chinese apps, it’s fully compatible with all smartphones and has regular updates. What more do we need from this router?

Price & Availability

You can get Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A from Gearbest for a price tag of only $29.99. It’s available in only white color which looks pretty neat. You can get a further discount of $3 (total discounted price $26.99) if you apply the code:


Here’s the link to the store:

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3A coupon



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