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Water is the most important thing that we need to live after the oxygen that we need to breathe. Clean and germ free drinking water is one of the most important things that are required for a healthy life. Nowadays almost every house purifies their water before drinking.

We can eliminate the risk of germs and pollutions in our drinking water by purifying it, but still there is a requirement of a checking that ensures the quality of our drinking water. A handy device that can easily do this check in our houses can be a great effective solution to this problem.

Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen review

Xiaomi the reputed Chinese brand that offers many electronic home appliances has a solution about this problem as well. Original Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen is available from the brand that can be used to test the quality of drinking water and fish tank water with ease.

Here in Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen review we will discuss about the features of this product and its pros and cons also from the point of a user’s convenience.

What does TDS in the name of this product refer to?

TDS is the short form of Total Dissolved Solids. This means the number of solid particles that is dissolved in a solvent. In this case, the solvent is water and TDS indicates the number of solid particles dissolved in water.

These solid particles are the impurities, dirt and pollutants that decrease the quality of water and should be the least possible.

Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen review

Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen review

The TDS testing pen comes in a simple small rectangular box package that has a dimension of 6.3×1.8×0.59 inches. The total package is about 85 grams only in weight. The product has a rectangular pen shape and it weighs only about 30 grams. Dimension of the TDS detection pen is 5.91 x 0.59 x 0.39 inches.

The bottom side of the pen has its two TDS probes which are made of Titanium. The top front side of the pen has its display and the top houses two battery cells to power the pen. The type of battery used is 2 x AG13 button cell.

How to use the product?

Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen review

Use of the TDS detection pen is really the easiest. There is only one button on the front side of the pen that is pressed to turn on the device which makes the display on as well. The side of the pen that has its TDS probes needs to be immersed into the water sample that is to be tested.

The pen is IPX6 waterproof, so the entire body can be immersed if the user needs to. The pen if turned on, as soon as it is immersed in the liquid, it will show the result of TDS in ppm (parts per million) unit directly.

Main features of Xiaomi MI Water Quality TDS Detection Pen

Handy design

The design of this product is attractive and the shape of the pen is handy. It just practically comes in a shape and size of a pen. The shape of the pen allows it to be used in any pots in which the water sample can be stored.

The cap of the TDS probes of this pen also can store water. So it is also possible to test the water sample by just taking a small amount of water from the sample into the cap and having it tested right there without even the need of a separate pot.

Replaceable AG13 button cell battery

The cells that power this product are replaceable and can be found easily in any watch shops. There is no need of charging the device and thus no need of additional adapters or chargers. The batteries are also cheap so the use of this product is even less costly.

Low power chip with auto power off

The chipset that is used in this water quality testing pen consumes little amount of power, which elongates the lifetime of the battery cells used in the device. The pen also has a function of auto power off, which turns the power of this device of after 10 minutes of idle time since last use.

This keeps the user tension free of both to turn off the device and also of frequent battery changing requirements.

High precision TDS probes

The TDS probes used in this device are made of Titanium metal and are of high precision. This helps to keep the probes rust free and provides long life to the probes.

The probes do not react with the water or any chemicals in it, so no chemical or physical changes of those happen. This provides the guarantee of high precision testing results.

High range of working temperature

The device features precision probes which allows it to work in a high range of working temperature. It can work easily between 0 to 80 degree Celsius temperature, which allows the device to be used in any geographical area and weather conditions.

The device can even be used to test the purity of boiled water as per the company claims.

Detects three types of impurities

The TDS detection pen is capable of detecting three different types of impurities which are:

  1. Calcium, Magnesium and other soluble salts
  2. Ammonium Acetate and SIPE Ionic organic compound
  3. Chromium, Zinc, Lead and heavy metal ions

So, the pen is capable of detecting almost every type of impurities that could affect the quality of the water. By detecting the organic compounds in the water, this device indicates implicitly about the presence or absence of germs in the water.

Wide range of detection

The Xiaomi MI TDS detection pen comes with a wide range of detection capacity. It can detect dissolved solids between the quantities of 0-9990 ppm. Using this wide range of detection, the user can easily decide whether his water needs more purification or not.

IPX6 certification

The device is IPX6 water proof certified. This means not only the TDS probes of it, but also the entire device can be immersed into water and can handle water splashes. So the user no longer needs to worry about protecting the display of it from water.

Uses of Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen

The TDS detection pen has a wide range of detection capacity and it has a wide range of working temperature as well. It can be used to test water samples from:

  • Tap water
  • Boiled water
  • Bottled water
  • Reservoir water
  • Filtered water
  • Fish tank water

The device shows the result in ppm unit. The lesser the value, that will indicate the water quality to be better. If the value of TDS is shown to be a great number or somewhere around 9000 ppm, the water should be purified before it could be used.

The pros and cons in Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen

The pros in Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen

  • Simple design attractive to the eye  of every user
  • Handy shape and size makes it easy to carry in a corner of your pocket
  • Charging free device, no additional charging adapters used
  • Less power required, only two cheap battery cells are required to use the device
  • Simple display shows the result only in ppm unit. This keeps the result straight and room for no confusion
  • IPX6 certified device, the entire body is waterproof for convenient use
  • Quick response time, shows the test results immediately
  • Operation is very easy, only one button to power on the device
  • Shape of the device allows it to be immersed in any shape of pot
  • Probe cap can be used to test water sample without any separate pot being required
  • Titanium made probes provide precision result and durable lifetime
  • Can test three different types of solid particles in water
  • Has wide detection range and wide range of working temperature

Lacking in Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen

The Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen is a pleasant device to be used. It is very effective and simple but it could have the following options

  • There could be a memory storage to keep the test results stored
  • A temperature sensor could be used to show the temperature of the sample


Water is one of the most important components in nature which vastly helps us to live healthy. Pure water can keep our body well-functioning, but polluted water can cause great damage and diseases to us. This is why it is always to be tried to use germ free and clean water.

Purified waters should also be checked before using as a preventive measure to diseases. This is where the Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen helps us. The Xiaomi MI Water quality TDS detection pen review will help the users to understand its features and usage along with its importance.

Check your water’s purity with this device before using to stay healthy.


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