Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone sold out in China in just 4 minutes

But do not worry, more of them are coming!

Recently, at the conference for the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi, several incredible products were presented to the market, such as the Mi 8, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi 8 SE, and the Mi band 3. With these announcements, we were expecting something related to virtual reality and Xiaomi gave it to us.  Since its disclosure, the new Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone has become a success after its sales reached. In just minutes, this product disappeared from official Chinese stores, exactly like the Mi 8 did shortly after its pre-sale.

Tang Mu, director of the laboratory and vice president of the Xiaomi company, said to the media: “When companies announce a product, they always use the word ‘unprecedented’ and in this case, there is no better way to describe the VR glasses of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone in conference

According to Tang Mu, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun requested to test these virtual reality glasses in advance before the press conference. “Being frank, I never saw Lei Jun so nervous, the moment he tried the glasses he was grabbing my hand and shouting from time to time.”

These glasses have been designed to play for a half hour in a row. But after testing them, Lei Jun announced that the experience was unparalleled.

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone Specifications

These glasses are equivalent to a high-performance mobile phone, as they have an optical VR system, sensor, and somatosensory handle. We don’t need to connect it to a mobile phone or a PC, and they work completely wireless. In addition, they use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 mobile processor powered by a 2600 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone Specifications

In relation to optics, they have an ultra-fast customized Fast-Switch 2K screen that allows for a dynamic refresh rate of 72Hz that can effectively reduce the blur and delay. Also, the diffractive optical system can modulate the VR. And, the use of Fresnel lenses reduces the glare and the sensation of vertigo experienced by users in previous virtual reality products.

Xiaomi already work with Facebook before to bring us Oculus Go

Xiaomi and Oculus worked together to create the Xiaomi VR Standalone. And its creators believe that this union was the right decision to achieve a “reasonable price + high quality”. The Oculus Go, launched at the beginning of last month, was another collaboration between these companies and also had a great impact on international media.

In relation to this fact, we must mention Hugo Barra, vice president of Facebook Oculus VR Business, who at a press conference also commented about his work on these glasses.

Xiaomi already work with Facebook before to bring us Oculus Go

For those who do not know, Hugo Barra has a deep relationship with Xiaomi. He was previously the vice president of Xiaomi International and throughout his time working for the company he contributed to the expansion of Xiaomi’s foreign market, especially the Indian market. However, on January 23, 2017, he announced that for health reasons he would have to withdraw from the company. Now, after his recovery, he is eager to return to work and live in Silicon Valley. Last year, he joined to Facebook and developed VR services, led by the Oculus team. So Hugo played a crucial role in the cooperation between Xiaomi and Oculus.

Xiaomi and Oculus create the Mi VR Standalone

But not only allowed the cooperation between both companies, also worked at the level of the software application to virtual reality glasses. Currently, both companies work together to improve the VR applications store. For example, the video game content sections include 10 categories for shooting, adventure, and many more.

The company is expecting to sell one million units

Xiaomi VR Standalone New Price

In the last minute before starting sales, Xiaomi lowered the price of this product. For this reason, we assumed that the buyers did not want to waste this incredible opportunity to acquire it. So in just 4 minutes, the firsts Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone were officially sold out at the Xiaomi Mall. But the company is expecting to sell around 100,000 units first, before reach one million units in sales volume for this product.


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