Xiaomi Mi VR Price Increased by 100 yuan ($14) as Well

The inflation continues. A month back Xiaomi has announced it will increase the prices of its smartphones by 100 yuan () due to increased purchase cost of components and exchange rate fluctuations. The first phones to suffer of this decision were the Xiaomi Redmi 4 and 4A. While many people think this is a unique case and there won’t be total inflation in the market, several Chinese smartphone makers also make statements with the same content. So it became clear no Chinese manufacturer can avoid this. Unfortunately, this inflation refers not only to smartphones but other devices as well. Today Xiaomi made an announcement concerning the Xiaomi Mi VR.

Xiaomi Mi vr price

The Xiaomi Mi VR was launched in September, 2016. It is one of the most stylish devices of the company bringing a lot of joy. Thanks to a perfect design and a decent specs list including myopia up to 600 degrees, hyperopia up to 200 degrees as well as a distance sensor it was sold in millions. The XIaomi Mi VR was initially priced at 199 yuan that’s why it was one of the best options in the market. Now its price will be increased by 100 yuan (150% up).

Xiaomi Mi vr price

As the company’s announcement says the Xiaomi MI VR components cost more than it’s priced at. So this action is more than required. Anyway, starting March 7 the Mi VR will be available for $299 yuan ($43).

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As we have supposed inflation of 100 yuan will affect cheap devices more rather than others. Xiaomi has been always known for its good price policy. And now it turns out this manufacturer has to focus on other options not to lose its customers. On the other hand, other companies suffer from this inflation as well.


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