Xiaomi prepares to launch its first Mi Store in Mexico!

Xiaomi is a company that has achieved many goals throughout their life, from first-hand device launches to the opening of official stores in many parts of the world, ranging from Europe to India. It has already been some time, and we know that Xiaomi devices are sold in some unofficial stores in Mexico; however, the Chinese company has decided and will now open their first official Mi Store in this country.

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What is known about the new Mi Store

According to the official records that are made every year for every company, Xiaomi has been one of the Asian companies with the highest growth in the market. This, of course, measured since their opening in 2010, the year in which the company made themselves known by obtaining a very good position in the market through a quite aggressive sales campaign of smartphones, achieving a huge gain due to the low prices of their devices that were sold in online stores.

Xiaomi Mi Store Mexico Tweet

Upon their arrival in Mexico, it turns out that just over a year ago, Xiaomi partnered with Telcel, thus achieving greater visibility with prices lower than those of the market. After all this time, Xiaomi Mexico has officially announced the opening of their first Mi Store in this territory, seeking a better service and variety of devices for this audience. It happens that most of the companies always look for the best areas of the country such as Mexico City or Santa Fe to locate their premises; however, this is not the case of Xiaomi, because their Mi Store will be located in Toreo Park, near the Four ways metro.

Xiaomi Mi Store Mexico

All this information has been confirmed by the same company through a tweet made by the division of Xiaomi Mexico, giving specific details of the exact place where the store will be located. Most likely, a huge opening will be made, as it is the first store that arrives in this country. What you can expect most from it is that it is quite large and that it will have a huge variety of devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the PocoPhone F1, so there is nothing left but to wait for the arrival of the new Mi Store.


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