Confirmed! Xiaomi will open its second Mi Store in Mexico on January 12

It is no secret that the Asian company, Xiaomi, is in an expansion campaign throughout the Americas, opening stores in several Spanish-speaking countries, being one of the best examples to date its arrival to Chile, since among its products, we have the flagship of the Mi series, such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, although we must add that it is not the only one of its available products and returning to the main theme of this section, we have to mention that the Chinese giant next objective is to open a second store in Mexico, so we invite you to stay with us and know all the details of this topic.

Xiaomi products

Xiaomi fulfilled its promise and Mexico City will be its new home

At the time of opening the first Mi Store in Mexico, Xiaomi mentioned that they were preparing to bring more stores to the country, so this new opening maintains the cycle of growth that was expected by the company. It should be noted that the new Mi Store is located in the south of the capital (Mexico City), specifically on the ground floor of Plaza las Antenas, so it is located in an incredibly centric location.

What does the catalog of this new Mi Store offer?

It is known that the official opening will be on January 12 of this year, but the store is currently opening to revive the energy of the public, as there are many users who come to the place not only to corroborate the truth of this new Mi Store but to know the catalog of products that it will sell, although these last ones are not quite the most popular, since we are speaking in general, of accessories, such as:

  • PowerBank
  • Headphones
  • Handbags
  • Among others

Xiaomi catalog

At the moment you can not see any flagship product of the brand, as is your Mi series, but we should not be discouraged and this is because the employees mentioned that this store will sell the same as the first, so the variety of options It is insured. As far as prices are concerned, we have nothing confirmed, but we are sure that these should not vary too much compared to the first one, so we should not worry about it. In short, we have the second Xiaomi store in Mexico and we are sure that it will not be the last in this country.


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