Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 Offered at $45.99 [Coupon]

You should know that Xiaomi not only invests in ‘pure’ tech companies but also in those that design products making our lives more convenient. That’s why, almost in the title of all Xiaomi products, we can find a special term ‘smart’. It was one of the first manufacturers (at least, in China) that launched smart running shoes (aka smart sneakers). This summer, the line of its intelligent running shoes was updated with the Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2. The appearance and production techniques were upgraded in comparison to the first generation model, but the price is almost the same of $45.99.

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As the Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 is made for both males and females, it’s quite logical to find a large variety of color options, including female models in white and orange (36-39 size), men’s models (39-46 size) of black, white, floral blue, and dark grey.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 is made using Uni-Moulding craftsmanship. That’s why the appearance looks neater and tidier than the common manual brushing glue combination. In the midsole part of the shoes, the meters of the sneakers used in the Dow Chemicals (DuPont) INFUSE material is more comfortable and less deformable than the ordinary EVA. There is used a seamless high-elastic knitting process. Thus, only one seam is left on the entire upper to minimize the foreign body sensation when worn. At the same time, this process will stably embed a larger area of the heel balance sheet and suspension material between the two mid-bottoms to provide more stable support and greater area of shock protection.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 uses a special fishbone system, which is a structure that provides support for the uppers. Not accidentally, these shoes are also called the fishbone sports shoes 2. After the entire independent fish bone locking system is improved, five fish bones are connected with a large area on the back palm balance sheet, like two big hands firmly holding the arches tightly. It can be very effective under the premise of ensuring arch support and locking. At last, this technology improves the sense of balance and wrap of the shoes.

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