Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Review – Budget speaker at 20$

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is one of those brands which is known to put their effort to innovate and offer low price solutions while keeping the great quality and design and the Mi Speaker 2 is no exception. The Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 is a beautifully cylindrical designed speaker which is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and offers an insane 7 hours of battery backup and the best thing is that you can get this for just $20 which is a great price considering the quality of output from this compact device.

So now let’s checkout is it worth buying or not?

Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Review

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Now before starting lets quickly unbox it and see what we are getting inside. Xiaomi have kept up their tradition of keeping inclusions to a minimum and their new speaker is no different. Inside the box, you’ll get the Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker, a rubber band to keep the controls from spinning and a Chinese instruction manual. I’m disappointed that Xiaomi didn’t include a micro USB cable for charging as it feels like an inclusion that really should be in the box.


  • Build & Design

Now let’s start with the build and design, the Xiaomi’s latest Bluetooth speaker sports a brand new cylindrical design. It’s a sleek, matte-finished tube with the speaker located on the top of the unit.

Now these speakers are available in 2 different colours, that is black and white but I imported the black one as that’s my favourite colour.

At the front of the unit you will find a small dual-colour power LED and the rear has a micro USB port for charging. Now when I first got this I will pretty impressed with the design language and most shocking there are not a single button over the speakers.

But the top of the unit is actually the controls. It’s one of the most minimalist yet elegant control systems I’ve ever seen in a long time. Pressing and holding down the top will turn the speaker on or pause the current track if you’re already listening to music. Turning the top section controls the volumes and the entire unit feels incredibly well made and fun the use.

Powering up the speaker is done by holding down the top of the unit for a few seconds. The device automatically jumps into pairing mode. The size of the speaker is actually quite compact and the metal feels good to hold. It’s compact enough for me to cover it with my palm. The build quality of the speaker is stellar, with everything working perfectly, including its dial.


  • Sound Quality

Xiaomi’s products are known for its top-notch quality and the same applies to the Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2. This handy little cylindrical device produces enough sound to give tough competition to the number of cheap portable speakers in the market today. It is loud enough to keep everyone in the room in tune with the music.

But being loud isn’t enough. We expect a Bluetooth speaker to do a lot more and I must say that this nifty little device manages to impress.

Pairing is a matter of selecting the speaker in your phone’s Bluetooth menu. The speaker’s name is all in Chinese but it should be easy enough to figure out which one it is.

The quality of sound output is impressive considering its super-compact form factor. So, along with it being loud, the output is clear and crisp. The treble is great and the mids are also pretty good. The bass is not as good as I expected — it’s pretty decent but I feel the lows could have been better.


  • Battery

As for the battery life, I could easily get over 7 hours of music playback on a single charge which was impressive. And it doesn’t have to be continuous. You can listen for a few hours one day, switch it off, and get a few more hours the next day. With a single charge I was easily able to run this for almost 4 days.

Now I imported this Mi Speaker 2 from a Chinese website called and if you want to buy one for yourself then you can use this (coupon code = PAE0003RO1) to get a 40% discount and your final price will be 20$ and this coupon is valid this 31st of July 2017.

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