Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2, the new speaker with Bluetooth


The Chinese brand Xiaomi is still on its slow way to becoming one of the most important companies in the industry. With an effort to innovate and offer low price solutions while keeping the great quality and design that are proper of the brand. Xiaomi never lets its customers down and with the Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 they made that more than clear. It’s a speaker with Bluetooth 4.1, with an autonomy that can last for 7 hours, a free hands function and a beautiful cylindrical design.

Design and Materials


Xiaomi is renowned for making quality products at an affordable price. For a couple of years now, they’ve been giving us products that excel at functions, versatility, and design. Although it’s not the first time they release a Bluetooth speaker, they really improved the benefits and design to make the user’s auditive experience way better.

The managing and the design of this gadget are intimately related, since you have to turn around the upper part to control the volume, pretty much like HiFi device. Indeed, a very intuitive product so that anyone can use it, its simplicity and design made it win the “iF Product Design Award 2016”


The cylinder consists on an upper part made out of metal, this part is where the speaker is located and it also has a void area to provide the best acoustic possible. The upper part has a rotating design for the metallic part, it has a rugged texture so that we can hold it with more ease and the top area is covered with cloth to prevent the pass of any elements that could damage the speaker. The lower part is made out of thermoplastic (PC + ABS) so that the device can absorb the hits, that’s a material that is often used in the automobilist industry. The rubber base allows the speaker to have a better balance on any surface. On the front, we have a notification LED, the serigraphy of the volume control (+ and -) and on the back we have the micro-USB port for charging the device.


Functionality and compatibility


The Xioami Mi Speaker 2 it’s not just a speaker with Bluetooth. One of the best functions this speaker has it’s the possibility to answer a call thanks to its incorporated microphone and finish it without having to touch our phone. Once we have linked the speaker with our smartphone using the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, any audio that our phone would usually play, will be played by the speaker. We just have to press the upper part of the cylinder to pick up a call and press it again to finish it. That is very convenient if you’re driving and you don’t have a free hands device installed on your vehicle.

The other uses of the Xiaomi Mi Speaker are, for example, the playing of the audio of multimedia content such as the videos we have on our smartphone, social media, messaging programs, Spotify, Youtube, etc. Another very practical use is to improve the audio quality of the games we have installed in our phone since they usually don’t have a very high quality of speakers. The 1200 mAh battery promises from 6 to 7 hours of autonomy with only 2 hours to reach the full charge. If we unlink our device from the speaker and we forget to turn it off, it will automatically shut itself down after 10 minutes.


The team in charge of this device has made an amazing job with it, reaching the 80 Db at full volume and also offering some very good deeps taking into consideration the device we’re talking about. It has a very clean and clear sound, nothing of that annoying metal sound that’s characteristic of these kinds of speakers.


Features of the Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2

Proportions 6 x 6 x 9.3 cm
Weight 256 grams
Colors Black, white
Speakers 5 W
Impedance 4 oms
Capacity 1.200 mAh (charges via a micro USB port)
Playing time 6 – 7 hours
Bluetooth 4.1
Others No
Devices Compatible con every Bluetooth device
Other features
Box content 1 x speaker, 1 x manual


What’s in the box?


This speaker comes in a little white box. In the rear, we have the specifications of this device and the “iF” logo of the prize we mentioned earlier. The unboxing of this speaker is pretty much quick since we’ll only find the speaker and a little pamphlet in Chinese, we won’t give too much use to the pamphlet since this speaker is really easy to use.




These kinds of speakers are nothing we’ve never seen before, but with this device, they really manage to make it unique, both in design, autonomy and performance. The design is simply gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that, it’s also really simple to use and it can keep the party going for about 7 hours. Also, the performance this speaker provides it’s incredibly good. As for the defects of this speaker, it doesn’t have a battery indicator which means we can’t exactly when it’s running low on battery, it doesn’t have anything that allows us to switch from one track to another (At least not without using the phone), and it also lacks a mini Jack 3.5 mm port.


Despite those 3 issues, this speaker is something you should definitely get.



  • Design and chosen materials
  • Autonomy
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (low battery usage)


  • Lack of a battery indicator
  • Minijack 3.5 mm
  • Lack of a track switch function

 Where to Buy?

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