Grab The Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional 16 Million Color Night Light For $19.99(Coupon)

Do you plan to create a smart, intelligent home and you are still confused on the system/device to use? Xiaomi is here to thrill your world with budget devices fabricated with the best quality you can get anywhere on the globe. The Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional 16 Million Color Night Light is the first step to your smart home dream. This device is a gateway which can be extended with modules of various kinds.This original Xiaomi smart home multifunctional Network can be used as a connected model for home appliances and a hub to connect other devices. With this device, the user has a total of 16 million colors to choose from. This gadget is currently available on Lightinthebox for just $19.99 using the Coupon Code: MIGATEWAY1.

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The Xiaomi Gateway is a base station that can be extended with modules of various kinds. With this gadget, other additional sensors and switches can be coordinated. But even without extensions, the Gateway already offers you first practical functions. The Xiaomi base station for smart home applications is pleasantly compact and is simply plugged into any power outlet. This ensures a continuous power supply and is also the starting point for all Smart Home applications of your system. The communication of the various smart home products takes place via a proprietary radio connection. This will not affect your own Wi-Fi network. In this way, a large number of smart home products can be networked.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional 16 Million Color Night Light sports a  minimalist design which adds Unique Flavor to Life. It has an external soft round design which encounters silkily-touching edge and easily matches with a variety of furniture style. It offers you the opportunity to listen to your favorite online radio stations.

Main Features:
• Original Xiaomi smart multifunctional gateway for daily use.
• 1200 Internet Radio Broadcast: Multi live online radio optional, you can enjoy a beautiful life.
• 16 Million RGB Lights: The gateway can be used as the small night lights, lights can adjust color and brightness.
• Custom Ring: Not only can upload MP3 (only applicable to Android), but also can record your favorite sound as a bell. The unique personality doorbell ring will make your home more different.
• Nightlight Function: It will automatically open when someone passes by when matching the human body sensor
• APP Control: More convenient to use
• Variety ways to put and install
• Suitable for all kinds of household environment
• A Xiaomi multi-functional gateway can connect up to 30 subdevices

This device would be brought to you for free(Free shipping). Click the link below to get this device

Coupon Code: MIGATEWAY1.



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