Xiaomi could end the deals of the Mi 8 and set Mi as a high-end brand


In this publication, Wang Teng Thomas reply to the publication of a fan, which linked the new Redmi Note 7 and the Mi 8 as the most profitable Xiaomi phones on the market. In response to this, Mr. Wang said that from now on the Redmi series will focus on costs and in the future, the Mi series will only be dedicated to the high-end market.


Xiaomi has always insisted that it would not increase the profit margin of their smartphones by more than 5%, but doubts have been raised about how the company will keep the prices low and obtain benefits for it. So the statement of the director of Xiaomi products, can be seen from several perspectives, in the first case, you can think that he wants people to buy the Mi 8 as quickly as possible to exhaust its existence before the departure of the Mi 9, and second, it is possible that the company has already positioned the Mi brand as an of high-level devices brand, so it will stop selling new economic flags, to focus on devices with a much higher price.

Via | Gizmochina

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