Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Unboxing

While many know Xiaomi due to its outstanding and cost-effective smartphones, the company continues conquering all possible markets. It is also very popular in the Chinese TV, laptop, home appliances, and other markets. And it’s not accidental this company has great sales in many other niches as well. Since the release of the first Xiaomi Mi Router in 2013, it has quietly evolved to the fourth generation. At the end of last month, the Xiaomi Mi Router 4C was officially released, priced at 99 yuan ($14). As for now, we are offering to take a closer look at it and get acquainted with its key features.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C

Actually, the Xiaomi Mi Router 4C is the third product of the fourth generation series. Earlier, the manufacturer announced the original Mi Router 4 and its modified variant, the Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q. Both are currently available for purchase at $44.70 and $28.82 price tags, respectively. As the name suggests, this model is the cheapest in the series. But it provides quite an acceptable performance. Just learn its highlighted features and you will be convinced of it. So we can state, the Xiaomi router series has fully completed the product layout from high-end flagship to entry-level routers.

The Xiaomi Mi Router 4C continues the minimalist design of the series, coming in pure white color. So it is suitable for all kinds of home environment or decoration. It is equipped with omnidirectional four antennas, a large arc design at the bottom. The stability during use is enhanced due to the large-area heat dissipation holes. This router carries a WAN port and two LAN ports. And the box also includes a 5V / 1A charger.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C

As we said, there are four omnidirectional antennas, supporting the 802.11n protocol, and the maximum transmission speed of 300Mbps. The signal strength of the four antennas can reach 5dBi, and the signal transmission angle can be adjusted freely and effectively to ensure that the signal strength and coverage area is stable. The Xiaomi Mi Router 4C also sports a built-in 64MB running memory, which can work with multiple devices in the home simultaneously. The mobile APP allows users to intelligently manage and use this router remotely.

What we like more is the built-in intelligent anti-mite network function. When a new device joins the network, the Xiaomi WiFi APP will automatically send a notification, and if the device is unauthorized, you can cut it off with the push of a single button. The Xiaomi Router 4C supports intelligent speed limit option that can automatically or manually optimize the speed when multiple devices use the network at the same time. You can also prioritize a single device, allowing it to monopolize more bandwidth for a faster online experience.

The Xiaomi Router 4C is available on Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi Home, and Tmall.

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