Original Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Offered for just $39.99

Is your home WiFi lagging when you download large files, surf the websites or casually browse the web? Or maybe do you experience high ping in online games or your Netflix stream is freezing constantly? There is one sure-fire solution for this problem: replace your obsolete router with new and shiny Xiaomi Mi Router 4. This network device works with latest 802.11ac WiFi protocol and offers Dual Band connection for a total of 1167 Mbps. Read our review and see why you should get this lighting-fast router now!

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Xiaomi Router 4 uses latest WiFi protocol called, allowing it to work with Dual Band technology, providing a total 1167 Mbps speed – that is more than 1 Gigabit. Other than that, there is also Ethernet port which you can use for cable connection. This fast internet setup wouldn’t be possible without sufficiently strong hardware and there is Dual Core 880 MHz CPU and 128 MB of DDR2 RAM, making it efficiently a small computer that controls the data flow on your WiFi net.

Moreover, four high gain 5 dBi and 6 dBi omnidirectional antennas provide wide coverage, so you’ll have the reception even in multi-story buildings or on the patio. It can even reach 40-50 meters with its internet signal, so this is the device worth buying for single network in larger homes.

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It can be also set as an access point, giving you full control over who and how connects to your network. Connectivity access can be set up through Android or iOS app that offers multi-level security approach. From hardware firewall to anti-spoofing and anti-malware features, you’ll be able to precisely control connection speed and bandwidth used by any device connected to your wireless network. This also allows you to optimize your network and push speed allocated by your internet provider to the limits. 128 devices can be connected at the same time, so this is definitely a router you’ll be able to use in your home and office.

There is also support for Xiaomi’s proprietary MiNET protocol that allows you to quickly add new devices to the network just by pushing button on the cover. That’s it: you don’t even need to memorize and type password with this feature. You don’t have to be a PC geek to set it up!

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Design and other features

Typical minimal Xiaomi appearance looks slick and not counting antennas, the router is quite flat, considering there is such powerful hardware hidden inside. It would present itself nicely on your shelf under TV and its aluminum shell not only gives it hi-tech looks but also acts as a radiator. Holes at the bottom and the back improve heat dissipation even more.

Xiaomi Router 4 is powered by 12 V unit, and the front panel displays connection status by flashing LEDs. There is no USB port, so you won’t be able to tweak it with systems like OpenWrt or use it as a direct file server, but if you’re one of the 99% casual users, you won’t need this tech quirks anyway.

In conclusion

We wholeheartedly recommend this net gear for anyone who wants to get the top products for your home office or simply uninterrupted Netflix streaming. 802.11ac protocol provides real gigabyte Internet access and this ensures fastest web surfing and data transfer you’ll ever need. Sure, there are routers that can push the speed limit even more, but you won’t be able to spot the difference anyway in case of even faster devices. For less than $40, Xiaomi Mi Router 4 has simply no contenders in its class, and if you add security layer included in the MiWiFi app, this is the best network gear you can currently get.

Where to buy?

Xiaomi Router 4 is available at an attractive Black Friday price of $39.99 with inexpensive shipping worldwide. Click the button below to buy it now!



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