Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 vs Roborock S50: Which Vacuum Cleaner is Better?

Which vacuum cleaner should you buy - Xiaomi Mi Robot vs Roborock s50?

Technology is changing the world as we know it, and one of the most recent changes have hit the vacuum cleaner market. Long gone are vacuum cleaners as you know it, and it’s time to make way for more automatic, worry-free, robotic alternatives. Xiaomi has already tested the waters and has built a strong foothold in the market for robotic vacuum cleaners by releasing the second-generation Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner as the Roborock s50. Therefore, this is the battle between Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock s50.

Both are amazing variants and provide value for every buck spent. Robotic vacuum cleaners are good for people who don’t have time to focus on cleaning every corner of their house. But between the Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock s50, which vacuum cleaner should you put your money on?

Comparison of Xiaomi Mi Robot vs Roborock s50!

Let’s talk design

Vacuum cleaners as we’ve always known come with long handles that require you to push the machine around to clean. But not with the new robotic vacuum cleaners. Both the Mi robot vs Roborock s50 have a round disc-like shape, making them very compact and unlike any vacuum cleaner, you’ve known yet. Width and diameter wise, both the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S50 have approximately the same dimensions.

They both have a length of 13.9 inches and a width of 13.78 inches. This makes both the vacuum cleaners just about a good enough size when it comes to portability. The overall design of the two vacuum cleaners is also very similar. Therefore, when it comes to picking between the Mi robot vs Roborock s50, the design is not a strong factor. Although it certainly is a feature that should make you buy it over other traditional vacuum cleaners.

Are they efficient as vacuum cleaners?

When it comes to cleaning, both the mi robot vs roborock s50 can sweep and mop, which is all you essentially need a vacuum cleaner for. They are good for floors and for carpets, and can automatically detect the kind of surface they’re working to clean. The Roborock S50, however, is significantly better at cleaning thicker carpets.

However, to be fair, they really aren’t the best at cleaning, when put against traditional vacuum cleaners. While you do get the convenience of not having to do the work yourself, both the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S50 are good enough, but not impressive when it comes to cleaning super dirty floors. If you have tiles on your floors, for example, even after two cleaning rounds, neither the xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner vs roborock s50 will be efficient at cleaning the creases between the tiles. The roborock s50, however, is a decent buy if you have a carpeted floor. You also get a mop filter with the roborock s50 now, which is always nice.

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So what does the robotic aspect do?

Oh, this is where the fun part comes. Remember how hard it is to clean your entire house, even with a vacuum cleaner? You don’t have to worry about any of that with these robotic vacuum cleaners! The Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock s50 comes equipped with Laser Distance Sensors, which allows them to plan their paths around your home so they can do their work without continuously bumping into walls or any furniture. Even if you keep the machines on a table, they won’t fall off!

With both the mi robot vs Roborock s50, you get an automatic path planning system. Since both devices connect to the Mi Home app on your phone, you can see how, how much, and in what time your device managed to clean your homes. You can see the exact routes it’s going to follow – these routes are automatically figured out by your device using the lasers it comes equipped with – and you can see how long it took for the device to do the cleaning.

How about the cleaning efficiency?

Both robotic vacuum cleaners are decent at their jobs, especially for their price points. But which should you buy? Well, if we’re looking at cleaning efficiency, they’re not very different. The main differences are noticeable when it comes to robotic features. Between the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S50, the latter is much better at planning its paths and at understanding the kind of surfaces it is working on. But the Xiaomi Mi Robot is pretty decent as well.

It’s hard to tell any differences between the two at first glance. However, over time, if you look inside, the Roborock s50 is definitely an upgrade over the first-gen Xiaomi Mi Robot 2. Between the mi robot vs Roborock s50, the latter is better. It gives you a cleaner house in lesser time, although the difference is not significant, Mi Robot is also fast.

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So, verdict? – Xiaomi Mi robot 2 vs Roborock S50

To be honest, when it comes to choosing between Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S50, you really don’t need to upgrade if you already own a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This is especially keeping in mind the price bump if you choose to buy the Roborock s50. However, if you’re new to the market, definitely pay the extra for the Roborock s50. This is because between Xiaomi Mi robot 2 vs Roborock S50, the former was more of a test product, and Xiaomi and Roborock have definitely worked upon making the second-generation a better buy.

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