Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C Announced at 199 Yuan

No one can deny smartwatches are among the best gifts even for the kids. Today, Xiaomi’s eco-chain launched a new children’s watch named the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C. This is the improved version of the Xiaomi Mi Rabit Children’s SmartWatch Q. In addition to the stylish and lovely design, the company also enhanced the texture of the wristband.c There is also a low-gloss PMOLED screen. What’s more interesting, it is priced at only 199 yuan ($31).

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C

The Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C has been researched and developed by the Xiaomi Eco Chain Enterprise Xiao Xun Technology. The screen has a circular design while the frame and strap come in Sky blue and Orange colors. It weighs 37.8g only. Therefore, it’s comfortable for a long-time wearing. At the same time, it uses food-contact liquid silicone straps that reduce the risk of scratching.

There are two physical buttons. The upper one is put for making calls, while the lower one hangs up the call. A kid can also send a distress signal by long-pressing the button if there is a danger. Once it’s done, the child’s location and 7 seconds of ambient recording are immediately sent to the parent’s phone. As you guess, the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C comes with a GPS. It has a stable and precise six-position positioning. China Baidu 2nd-gen and the US GPS positioning system combine base stations, Wi-Fi, gravity sensors, EPO, etc. Thanks to them and through carefully optimized intelligent algorithms, the watch can track the motion trajectory making automatic positioning more accurate. There is also a multi-faceted safety fence, and once the child leaves the area, parents immediately receive a message.

The Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C uses AES 256-bit encryption, data transmission encryption, Xiaomi cloud data encryption and a variety of encryption measures to prevent data leakage, to protect its data security.

At last, the watch comes with a nano-SIM slot. However, the contacts list is limited due to the storage capacity. The watch phone also comes with the feature of setting up a whitelist of calls while other calls are blocked. In this way, there won’t be the fear of the child receiving a call from a stranger.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 2C


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