Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh vs Chuwi Hi-power 10050mAh Powerbank

Being daily users of power banks, we are aware of the major functions needed from these devices, one of which is to serve as a backup source of power supply when users cannot have access to the normal power source. Normal sources of power include solar energy, generators, etc. What makes power banks a priority device is that they help us charge our devices faster and on the go, they are quite portable and safeguard against the reduction in our device battery life due to charging from a power bank. In the industry presently, two power banks that are throwing up a lot of dust are the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and the Chuwi Hi-power 10050mAh Power Bank.


Xiaomi is known as a major producer of power banks due to in-depth research and great products being rolled into the market almost every time. The company recently unveiled the brand new Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 which comes with a whopping 10,000mah capacity and has the ability to fast charge any device connected to it; faster than the majority of power banks that can be found on the market. On the other hand, the Chuwi Hi-Power sports a 10050mAh battery capacity that makes it seem like an eligible competitor to the Mi Powerbank 2, if not better. As such, we have decided to give our readers an in-depth comparison of these two so that we can spot out their similarities and differences and determine which one best suits your power needs.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh versus Chuwi Hi-Power 10,050mAh Powerbank – Which one packs more power?

Design and Appearance

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Design

Building the Mi Powerbank 2 to the requirements of the users, Xiaomi ensured that their latest power bank is more portable than its predecessors, making it thinner and lighter to allow for easy carriage of the device. The Xiaomi Mi2 10000mAh power bank is designed with an aluminium alloy cover which will reduce the danger of fall on the device. It comes in silver and dark grey colour versions and has a weight close to a quarter of a kilogramme, 215g to be specific. It has a length of about 130mm, 71mm in breadth and about 14mm in height, thereby having the advantage of fitting in easily into most power bank bags / pouches in the market at the moment.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Build

The Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power Powerbank, on the other hand, comes in three colour versions which are black, green and white. It is covered in a metallic substance, has a micro-USB port located at the centre, and four led lights below the micro-USB port (which functions to show the current battery percentage). The device comes with a length of 103.5mm, width of 60.9mm and a height of about 22.8mm. The Chuwi Hi-power weighs a little less than the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2, just a little lower than 200g (specifically 195g) which makes it easier to carry about.

Considering that the Chuwi Hi-power has a slightly higher power capacity (10,050mAh) than the Mi Powerbank 2 (10,000mAh), it is quite surprising that the former weighs less than the latter. The Chuwi Hi-power also has a power button close to the rear to the left which is designed in a thin rectangular form for easy turning on and off.

Battery Size / Capacity


The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh, as the name implies, packs a 10000mAh battery capacity which is built with the latest and upgraded Lithium Polymer battery technology that has the ability to charge up to two to three smartphones fully before it drains out. It also has a 3.85v / 38.5wh voltage rating and it has a power rating of about 6,900mAh. Due to the varying voltage power that is required by many phone producers, the device has an input of 5V/2A 9V/12V and an output of exactly 5V/2.4A 9V/ 12V. With this, it is suitable to charge the majority of smartphones in circulation today.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Ports

The Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power Powerbank, on the other hand, is slightly similar to the Mi Powerbank 2 when comparing the battery life, with the difference being just 50mAh more than the previous, giving it a total of 10050mAh. The battery is also designed with the Li-on battery technology due to its reliability and strength that has being tested over time. When reviewing this device, the battery charged well from 0% to 100% within 3 to 4 hours due to its fast charge features (that will be discussed later).

It is worthy to note that the Hi-power is designed with temperature protection, output over-current protection, short circuit protection among others favourable features. It has an input of about 5V 2A and 9V 2A based on the desired electrical supply and gives an output of about 5-6V 3A and 6-9V 2A.

In terms of battery capacity and technology, the Chuwi Hi-power has a slight edge over the Mi Powerbank 2.

Fast Charging Features

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Charging

Due to the complaints of customers about the (uncomfortably) long time it takes for their past power banks to fully charge smartphones and devices, Xiaomi went a step further to equip the new product (Mi Powerbank 2) with fast-charging features. This feature ensures that there is a reduction in the time it takes to charge any smartphone connected to this device by at least fifty percent (50%). Consequently, if it takes a phone no less than 7 hours to charge to a hundred percent with other sources of power, it would only take about 3 hours and 30 minutes for it to charge to its full capacity using the Xiaomi Mi Power bank 2.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Fast Charge

This fast charging is also needed in the recharging of the power bank. After looking critically into this, we discovered that this is the main reason why the USB type-C port was replaced with the mini-USB port is to accommodate higher power intake and subsequently faster recharging duration.

The Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power Power bank also comes with a fast charging feature which is branded the “Qualcomm fast charge 3.0” due to its ability to charge a phone 3 times faster than other sources of power. It supports simultaneous charging and discharging, and comes with a technology that prevents against damage of the phone, thus giving it a great advantage over its competitors.


Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mah vs Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mah Powerbank Price

In terms of the price of these two devices, they are both quite similar. Their prices range from $15 to $25; their prices vary between these two values. For example, in online retail marketplaces around the world such as Geekbuying, the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh goes for about $22 on promotion price while the Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power Power bank goes for about $23. Maybe the extra 50mAh costs $1 😀 . If you would be buying in large quantities, you could also get more discounts as well.

Though the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank costs just $18 on the official Mi Store, it’s currently out of stock, which may be the reason why it’s higher on third-party retail sites.

Since the prices of these two devices are close, what intending buyers would want to know is if they are actually worth the price at which they are being sold. My answer to that is a big YES. Both are actually worth more than their current prices, which gives me the hunch that their prices would be increased in the future.

Similarities between Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mAh Powerbank

The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and the Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power Power bank have some similarities that make them quite identical to each other. Some of these similarities include;

  • The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and the Chuwi 10050mAh Power come fitted with nine protection mechanisms. These are:
    • Temperature protection,
    • Humidity and temperature test,
    • Output over-voltage protection,
    • Input over-voltage protection,
    • Short circuit protection,
    • Dropping and vibration test,
    • Output over-current protection,
    • Input over-current protection, and
    • Battery overcharge / over-discharge protection.
  • They both have four led lights that display the level of charge left in them.
  • The two power banks sport one USB port for charging other devices.
  • They come with fast-charge technology.
  • They both have the dual charging system fitted in them.

Differences between Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and Chuwi Hi-Power 10050mAh Powerbank

  • The Mi Powerbank 2 weighs about 217 grammes while the Chuwi Hi-power weighs only 195 grammes.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 has a 10000mAh battery capacity while the Chuwi Hi-Power has a battery capacity of 10050mAh (50mAh higher).


The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 10000mAh and Chuwi 10050mAh Hi-power are similar in appearance and functionality, and come with great functions. Due to these functions and their low prices, the two are currently waves making in the market. This gives customers the power to choose from the two options based on different determinants which can be colour, brand, price and others as the user desires. There is no winner neither is there a loser; the availability of the two only means that users are more at advantage.


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