Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 now available for just $39.63

Xiaomi has launched Mi Power Bank 3 with a capacity of 20000 mAh power storage. It is designed with two-way fast charging technology to give you quick charging facility wherever you go. The portable Mi Power Bank 3 has two standard USB type-A ports along with Type-C USB port to make it eligible to support 45W power transmission. The Type-A ports can deliver the power up to 5V.

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Mi powerbank 3

Hence, it is a perfect tool to charge your smartphone mobile regardless of the brands. It is fully compatible with all top brands like Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Huawei etc.

Features and Specifications of Mi Power Bank 3:


The Mi Power Bank 3 has a Lithium polymer battery with a huge storage capacity of 20000 mAh. It is supported by on-board circuit chip to prevent it against overcharging and short circuits etc.

Mi powerbank 3

Supporting Devices

The Mi Power Bank 3 is made for not only smartphones; but you can also charge your tablets, Laptops, notebooks, and even your Apple MacBook models. Therefore, it is a one-stop solution for all of your electronic gadgets.

Multiple Charging Ports

In Mi Power Bank 3, you will get 3 USB ports (designed for different purposes) to charge your devices. It involves 2 Type-A standard USB ports and 1 Type-C port. The standard USB port can transfer the power up to 5V. You will also get Type-C USB port to make your charging speed fast with 45W power transfer.

Mi powerbank 3

Charging Time

The charging time is varying as per the charging points. If you use standard Type-A USB port to charge your power bank, it will take up to 11 hours. On the other hand, the charging time will be reduced to 4 and a half hours if you use the Type-C USB port.

Color and Design

The design and color of the Mi Power Bank 3 create a great looking product. The Black color presents Plastic-made body of the power bank with matte finish design and superior class.

Mi powerbank 3

Pass-through Charging

Most importantly, the Mi Power Bank 3 supports pass-through charging. Under this feature, you can charge your power bank and your smartphone simultaneously using a single charger. You have to plug your power bank in and then plug in your device into it. They will start charging at the same time.

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Mi powerbank 3

Similarly, it will also facilitate you to charge your low-power devices that accept lower power transfer.


Now you can buy the new Mi Power bank 3 from Gearbest at a price of $39.63. Click on the buy now button below to avail the great offer.



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