(Coupon Deal) Xiaomi Mi Populele Smart Ukulele: For Just $78.99

Learn to play the ukulele in 15 minutes with the world’s first Xiaomi Mi Populele Smart Ukulele. Equipped with Bluetooth and LED technology, this acoustic concert uke connects to your smart device and walks you through every step from how to hold the instrument correctly to how to play your favorite songs.

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Buy Xiaomi Mi Populele Smart Ukulele For Just $78.99


The Populele 2 will be manufactured with the best materials, such as ABS plastic and high-performance circuits, to provide the user with premium quality, it also includes LED lights to indicate the way the instrument should be played and weighs about 800 grams, making it a lightweight and practical device to carry anywhere.

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The LED lights in the fretboard sync with the app to show you exactly how and when to place your fingers to form the chords. Fun arcade game makes practice addictive-like playing Guitar Hero with a real concert Ukulele! An extensive song library takes your Uke skill to the next level. Another thing that makes the Populele a smart ukulele is the USB Bluetooth device located on the side of the instrument. The USB is used to charge the ukulele and the Bluetooth is used to connect with the Populele App.

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The best thing about the Populele then is how easily you can get started. The games show you how to chord a few notes and then start playing simple songs while the songbook lets you follow along. Designed specifically for beginners, the sound-responsive technology enables users to get real-time feedback and correction. Light up your performance! As your environment gets louder, the 72 LEDs on the Populele fretboard shine brighter. This sound-responsive light technology is sure to mesmerize your audience. In-app tools teach yourself to tune your ukulele and more with Popular’s in-app tools.


The strengths of the Populele is the well-built neck and the usefulness of the Populele app. Although the app will work with any ukulele, you only get the functionality of the fretboard lighting up on the Populele. If you like learning through games, then the app can be a fun and visual way to learn.

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Where To Buy

The Xiaomi Mi Populele Smart Ukulele can be purchased on Gearbest for just $79.99 using a Coupon Code: IT$TH999XPA, if you want to buy it you can just follow the below link:

Coupon Code: IT$TH999XPA

Buy Xiaomi Mi Populele Smart Ukulele For Just $78.99


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